Have you had a stroke and have low mood?

Research participation requests are sent to the Stroke Association from external research institutions (e.g. universities and hospitals).

We conduct checks on these before promoting but are not involved in their running. This means we cannot comment on trials and have no affiliation with them.

John Kinley, University of Oxford

We know that experiencing a stroke can affect mood and we want to develop ways to help. This study will look at different strategies for taking part in rewarding activities to improve mood.

Taking part involves talking with a researcher to see if you are eligible. We will ask you questions about your mood and stroke.

What does the study involve?

  • Meeting a researcher online using videoconferencing 3 times over 3 weeks (approximately 30 to 90 minutes per session)

  • Completing exercises to help plan rewarding activities

  • Filling in some questionnaires about mood, activity levels, and daily abilities after stroke, and completing a brief thinking task.

Who can take part?

We’re looking for anyone:

  • that identifies as having low mood, being sad a lot or being depressed

  • aged 18yrs or older, living in the United Kingdom and able to speak and understand English

  • has had a diagnosis of stroke at least six months ago

If you are interested in taking part, or have any questions email John Kinley (john.kinley@psy.ox.ac.uk)