have the muscles shrunk on my weaker stroke side?

Hi Everyone,

In the mornings when getting mobile,  when I get off my bed and get up from sitting for a while I find that I have to walk on my toes on the left weaker side for at least 15 mins or so before I can comfortably put my whole foot to the ground. Is this because the muscles are weaker or what. Once it has sorted itself out I am fine. But I do know I'm not good at just standing still, I'm better if I am walking or moving my legs.

It is not a major issue in the grand scheme of things.


Dear Sandie

Can I suggest you check your diagnosis, as written by the hospital to your GP.

My diagnosis included "Left sided weakness" and "post stroke tiredness".

Then I would urge you to get physio now rather than later. I didnt think too much about left sided weakness, there are far worse aspects of stroke recovery. 

But it has damaged my right side. I assume because the left side has renounced all responsibility !

I am now in a fair bit of bother with my legs, hips, chest and arms. I am sure that timely physio would have set me straight. I was so happy to walk etc that I didnt really think about the negatives.

I notice how all weight goes right, and I dont even realize it is happening.

Best wishes


Hi Colin,

Yes I agree with you, I was just glad it wasn't worse and wanted to get back to normal as soon as possible. Because I was on holiday at the time of the stroke and when released from hospital I was looked after by my brother and sister in law and as I could walk and basically look after myself The hospital didn't see a need for physio or anything like that. I would just go for a small walk each day and go out with them when they took the dog for a walk and rest accordingly.

I did get some rubber resistance bands for my arms and legs but still find that cycling is probably the best excersize for me at present apart from walking. I have to admit I am  slower  than I used to be, but still mobile.


I had a lot of muscle wastage on my weak left side and needed a lot of physio to build it up again. I also went to strength and balance classes at my local Life After Stroke Centre. I now go to three exercise classes a week for over 60s and that has strengthened everything further.

At my strength and balance class we were all advised to stand still on getting out of bed and move the muscles in our weak foot gently before starting to walk. I still do this.

Dear Sandie

You did exactly the right things. After all, we want everything to work as a first priority.

Where the medical services let us down is that there is no guidance to enable us to get more full recovery. 

I got on a bicycle a year or two back and fell straight off it.

I cycled all around the country when I was a teenager, so falling off was a shock.

I now use orthotics to keep my feet straight. And I struggle a bit, part of which is old age but which part ??

best wishes



Thanks John I will try this.