Have a good Christmas everyone!

I just want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a good Christmas.  Hope you all manage to see your loved ones for a little while be it in person or virtually.  Fingers crossed, we won't end up in another full scale lockdown in the New Year too!   I'm sure you will all love to join me in kicking 2020 all the way down the hill and onto the rubbish tip!!  

So.. stay safe, keep well, keep smiling and let's all raise a glass for a happier New Year   To better times - cheers!   Brenda xx

thanks brenda I hope we all enjoy christmas whatever it be like we are all going to be on our own without family but will make the most of it. I will raise a glass but only a little one as all the medication I am taking. All the best to you  N orma.

Merry  Christmas  everyone.    Take care  and stay safe. 

Regards  Sue 


Thanks Brenda  -

also wishing all stroke survivors and families, a safe, healthy Christmas and New Year ?

Is it time to put the sprouts on yet ???

Thank you, Brenda. A good Christmas and New year to you too. You have been inspirational to the group. Stay safe and keep smiling to you too. Hilary 

Ah bless - a little bit of what you fancy as they say!  I don't drink myself but every year I buy a bottle of Non-Alcholic rose wine which is for me (and anyone visiting who's driving) to drink with my Christmas meal when everyone else is on the real thing.  Sainsburys do a really nice one. Tastes lovely!

Hi Brenda

Thanks for your good wishes for Christmas and I reciprocate and send best wishes to everyone on MSG for Christmas and continued good progress in 2021. My daughter, who lives in London, and eldest grandson tested positive for COVID about a fortnight ago. Thankfully, both are recovering well. The roll-out of the vaccine seems to have slowed down. There's little mention of it in the news at the moment, not sure what,s happening on that front. 

With very best wishes to you all,

Anne S

Best wishes to you Brenda.  Keep shielding everyone and enjoy a rather different Christmas,  we are lucky enough to have FaceTime and zoom, let's use them.  We are responsible for our own lives and decisions, things will get better but not for a while. I certainly don't want to have to tell my daughter we won't be spending Christmas with them again. The vaccine is rolling out in Cornwall but it will take time and we only have one and a half major hospitals in the county.  We like to see visitors in Cornwall but not at this time.  We have survived strokes, we can and will survive covid.  Keep safe and have a lovely Christmas.