Has anyone had experience Ginseng or Gingko Biloba

Hi there
My mother had a stroke back end of August last year.
She appears to be slowly deteriorating cognitively (we have memory clinic coming up this Thursday) which could be dementia driven.

So I’ve just been looking around for anything that could help.
There are mixed messages for Gingko Biloba and PAX Ginseng.

I’m wondering if anyone has tried these and if so whether they helped.
Thank you

I’d read the same about blood thinners Jane - which is what partially prompted the query.

I’ve spoken to my Mum’s GP (and Dad’s as thought migh help him), and was given the line, they couldn’t recommend or give an opinion because it wasn’t a medicinal supplement.

Thank you.
Pretty much clears it up.

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Please do your research on what will work.

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