Has anyone develeoped dyslexia after a stroke?


I had a tia in Novemner 2022 but recently started university, took a pre test to multiple thing including dyslexia and dyscaculia, i scored quite high indicating i could be dyslexia. I have been to university before my stroke and it never was a issue, could this be a aftermath affect of my stroke?

Has anyone else had a similar issue?

Thanks for reading :blush:


Not heard of it per se
But aphasia has many manifestations and I would think it entirely plausible that a standard university test wouldn’t discriminate between aphasia and dyslexia

I’d look here

Other web searches suggest that dyslexia and alexia are synonyms for a specific sort of asphasia


I agree with Simon @TootieB i’d just like to say good luck with your uni course & don’t be afraid to ask them for any adjustments you might need. X


My aphasia symptoms have been similar to dyslexia or dyscalculia…I have trouble getting the correct word out occasionally, or speaking in a chronolgical or linear way sometimes, but for me the bigger issue is when reading letters or numbers, I will see some as bigger or bolder than others, and my brain will often see them in a different order as well. So while I can read and comprehend, as well as figure and comprehend mathematics, When I see words, letters, numbers in the way I do, I often mistake them, so have incorrect answers, or even worse, it tires my eyes too much to even keep trying.


I make many more mistakes related to dyslexia since my stroke. Spelling, and speech. I will say things the wrong way around, sometimes correct myself, sometimes not. I can’t say it really bothers me much, and it’s pretty obvious when I do go wrong, and what I meant to say. On my list of things that need fixing it’s low priority. There are a douzaine things I would like to sort out that come before…

good luck, Roland


Same here, but I’m far enough recovered in my aphasia/dyslexia to get by.

I just put all that side of things, speech, reading, etc under the one umbrella Aphasia. It’s easier because there’s such a jumble of little petty/minor issues from various areas I start to confuse myself between them all.

There are a number of aids out there to assist dyslexia such as A4 colour tinted overlays sheets and/rulers rulers to lay over pages to aid reading. You can get these in a multipack of different colours so you can try out which are best suited to your needs.
Changing font size and style on your computer/laptop and avoid using green and red coloured fonts as they can cause readability issues.
Avoid white paper for printing stuff on, use cream or pastel coloured paper.
You can also get specially tinted reading glasses, but I don’t know how good they are.

The key is not to make it an issue. University is hard work so make it easier on yourself by having all the aids you can get your hands on in place, so as not to put too much strain on yourself. Good luck and I wish you great success in your studies :smile: