Happy Easter everyone - I'm back and feeling good!

Just a quick update to let you know that I have now had my op and recuperating at home. I was kept in overnight which I'm glad about because the first night was quite scary being sick all the time and a few twitches on my stroke leg which had me panicking.  I'm glad the surgeon made the decision to operate whilst still taking aspirin despite being black, purple, green and yellow all over my tummy!  I've had my staples out this morning at my local hospital and had a lovely bath. Having a wash in the sink and washing hair etc was a pain for 10 days but all worth it in the end as I can now eat my favourite fruit and veg without any pain or grumbles from Gordon the gallbladder who is now in gallbladder heaven :( ! Rest his soul!  I notice there are quite a few newcomers and once I have read through all the new posts, I'll catch up with everyone.  We are having scorching weather in Yorkshire the same as everyone else so I'm making the most of relaxing in the garden.  Brenda x

P.s. Mum-in-Law is improved but has been transferred from hospital to a respite centre attached to a care home with a view to assessing being taken into permanent care.  She's accepted that she probably won't be going back home but not a good situation for her at the moment.

Well done Brenda! Glad all went well.

Hi Brenda - phew!  How good to have all that behind you now - truly onwards + upwards ... 

All good wishes for your continued recovery - Nic ? ?

Great to hear you’re feeling well. Make the most of the wonderful sunshine, get plenty of rest.


hi, glad to hear you are on the mend again.  There is nothing quite like a nice bath after an op is there. The weather is lovely and makes you feel like doing things in the garden, I get frustrated that I need to call upon my husband to help with shifting pots and planting, when I used to do it all myself.

Good luck with the recovery.   Wendy

Hi Brenda, 

Glad all went well. It's funny how when we're well we think expensive " things " are so important but when you've had some ill health you learn how untrue that is. A bath, a cuppa of your choice etc. Are so much more valuable.  Also good news about your mum- in-law.  Keeping our fingers crossed for you both. Kay x