Happiness, happiness, the greatest gift that I possess

Happiness was a theme much espoused by Ken Dodd, now, sadly, departed.

I was inspired to write this:

Why bemoan a lack of happiness?

Happiness is the present you give to yourself, or to others.
You can be generous or mean with this gift, it is completely up to you.
It is something you can share out, equally if you so wish you can refuse it entirely.

It is often used as a motivator. As in ‘I won’t be happy until . . .’
The conditions can be simple or severe but your happiness here is at stake.

Choose your happiness triggers well . . .
. . . if you want to be happy.

Be kind to yourself,
you deserve it :smiley:


Many Thanks for that Bob, I Love a good poem and that coming from our own ranks makes it special

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On Happiness JuliaH posted, Searching for happiness rarely bears fruit but finding happiness in what you do, however you do it, is a way forward. Inspirational post from our own


We can spend a lot of time looking for happiness when all along its already there. Being content with where we are / what we have is, in my humble opinion, the key to happiness.


Yes Mrs5k, been dipping into books of all kinds since Stroke.Was book mad but now have to read in dribs and drabs, with the stroking came a greater compassion and a greater Oneness with universe which happens to some. Read recently what we frantically search for is already with us, it’s just being still ( telling the brain to have a break and listening


Bobbie I have just come Happiness poem. It gave a lift, it really did. Thank you, Moira.

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