Handling grief after a stroke

Hi everyone, I hope you are well and gearing up to a warmer weather.

I have a question, has anyone experienced a death of a relative or a close friend after their stroke and how were you able to handle the grief.

Yesterday afternoon I got a text from my sister about a very close family friend who collapsed in the morning and died of a heart attack.

I’ve become so used to dealing with deaths having experienced it from a young age, that it became normal for me. My coping mechanism was always to exercise, hoping that it will numb the pain.

Post stroke all my emotions are unfiltered and there is no where to hide when I feel any emotional pain.


@joy.alliy sorry for your loss. Sending my condolences to you all.

I haven’t experienced loss since my stroke but i agree with @Loshy re trying to focus on the good memories. If you feel the need then let the tears flow it’ll do you good.

Others will understand your emotions.

Sorry for your loss xxxx

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Hi, So sorry for your loss. I have experienced a few deaths since my stroke in 2017. Firstly my nephew passed away when I was in hospital after my stroke and although I was upset about not being there for my husband and my children at the funeral, it was early days after my stroke, and I don’t think I really took everything on board. I just remember breaking down in the gym with my physio one day.

Then my mum passed away in August last year and as sad as it was, she had Alzheimer’s and to be honest it was a relief that she was no longer suffering.

We have also lost 2 friends over the years since my stroke, who have both passed away following a stroke.

To be honest I feel that I have dealt with the situations really well but I have always been very reserved and have managed to keep it together. Obviously everyone deals with these things very differently and has their own way of dealing with these situations. I hope you find your way of dealing with your situation and would suggest maybe having counselling if you find it too difficult to deal with.

Thinking of you and sending best wishes.

Regards Sue


Sorry to hear you are feeling like this.
It is hard to process your emotions at the best of times and grief is never an easy one to deal with.
I have found on the 2 occasions post stroke that I have lost people who were close to me that I have thought of the positive things that those people brought to my life and tried to concentrate on those things rather than the fact that they are no longer here. Hope it gets easier.


Sorry for your loss.
Is very understandable that emotions are harder to regulate or deal with or feel after stroke.
Your gp will be able to refer you to folk who are more knowledgeable about ways to get help n advice

Thank Lorraine and others for your thoughts and kind words.

I went for a long walk on Saturday by the river while listening to grief counsellor on my Calm app. Being surrounded by nature and water helped me to process my feelings.


Hi @joy.alliy, I am so very sorry for your loss, you have my sincere condolences :heart:

I lost a parent at a very young age due to complications from surgery. The grief consumed me for years, though I learned eventually that I had to go through each agonising stage of it before I could heal. I acknowledged that it would take time and that was okay. I started an annual tradition to honour them and this brought me and my family a lot of peace. Everyone has a different journey with grief, its personal and at times can be messy and that is okay too.

Whatever your path is, I am glad that we can be here for you.

Big hugs,