Gym workout better living

Just completed my weekly gym session with a trainer from BetterLiving an off shoot of the Calderdale stroke tehab.been through a number of sets on various machines. The weekly program is designed to improve my mobility and upper limbs
This is my5th outing and it keeps me going, discounted membership helps hoping it leads to better lifei dependence.
Will sleep well tonight and need a more gentle day tomorrow only 2 miles on the exercise bike

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Can fully relate to you improving your mobility & upper limb strength I’ve also in the past 2 weeks joined a similar gym with all these machines that strengthen & gain better functionality . It also has a swimming pool .
Wishing you results/improvement with your continuing visits to the gym

Thanks I wish the improvement was more obvious no great breakthrough though early days at under 2 years into my recovery, here’s hoping

Early days as you say Mrfredickson as I keep telling myself . Not looking for that six-pax I’m sure like yourself😂

My joy would be less pain in the left side and my arm starting some basic movements. If that happened it would trump a lottery win

It’s my right side that has the weakness & the rowing machine I find a challenge just getting into a rhythm as my right hand will not grip the oar too well & do find what grip I have spoiling the push & pulling though when I can hold on with both hands using my arms/legs I can feel the benefits of the stretch I’m giving my weak right side

Sounds like you’re making progress, my left side is not working, so help from the trainer when getting on and off machines plus getting my leg arm involved, my good lady says the risk of not doing it and not recovering is greater than sucking up the pain of getting to and operating the gym equipment

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I know that in thevpast I’ve been doing a fair bit of venting on this forum. And I thank all those listening and sympathised with my situation.

In addition to venting I’ve also been busy working on my recovery. After a year of sports therapy I am back to lifting weights again, as well at boxing and running which needs more work.

I strongly encourage those survivors who are still on the bench to try and get back to some sort of exercise.

@mrfrederickson that sounds really positive. Hopefully you’ll see improvement soon. I often think I’ve not made any progress & then all of a sudden it happens.
Keep up the good work x


Will keep trying and celebrate my positive changes with you all.

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Hi Jordan I’ve just invested in a sort of hook grip that Does up like a sweatband around your wrist and fits in the palm of your hand. It’s great for Bar work at the gym. :weight_lifting_man:t3:

Just broke th two mile barrier 2.6 having a rest now

Sadly with my balance I can’t lift weights the conventional way but sounds like you’ve found the idea solution that help you gain that Gold Medal for the next Olympic’s :joy: I find it much easier to be in a sit position when pushing/pulling the weights . ( not lazy I promise just easier for me that way… :joy:)… keep up the Gym work Martin sounds like you get as much beneficial fun out of it like I do & that’s for the tip

:+1:t6::weight_lifting_man:t2::weight_lifting_man:t2: :+1:t6:

Wonderful news :blush:


I think you have got me a bit wrong Jordan :joy:. I to can only use the sitting down Machines ,like the shoulder press where somebody helps me to pull it down perhaps the emoji is giving you the wrong idea​:joy::joy::joy:

Oopppps Silly me & yes it was the emoji & my tired brain after my swim 2day @ leisure centre . Forgive me & yes it sounds like a useful gizmo that help with your weight bar pushing . It for me is keeping hold of the bars in all exercise machines that’s my problem though perseverance/grit will in time allow this of all natural abilities to come better
. keep up the weights Martin & enjoy

. … sadly no emoji for a sitting down weight lifting :joy:

Your swimming sounds fantastic Jordan that’s one thing I wish I could do,but wasn’t very good before my stroke :joy: now I think the way my left side is I would just go around in a circle :crazy_face:. You keep going as well mate all the best

I was once water-baby so I’m told & was swimming by the age of 3 . Always loved swimming/diving even entered a race a long time ago @ the Royal commonwealth swimming pool in Edinburgh ( Lost :lying_face:) . Now my swimming owing to my stroke allows me to swim in my back kick my legs not exactly propelling me through the water more like imitating a waterwheel :joy: But for me I just love it . Then there’s my diving from spring-board more an accidental fall into the water than graceful dive to the panicking life guards on duty who always breath a sigh of relief when I surface … . Thankfully never told not to do that again so I’m pretty sure when they see me wobbling to the springboard these days yes a beast eye is kept on me with less panic :joy:

Great effort I would just sink and drown, fantastic result

Food for u the problem we have is the gym is expensive and if it’s one to one is unfordable