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Hi all, hope your Thursdays are springlike and positive ones.

After a successful trip to a local hydrotherapy pool at Total Fitness, i was wondering whether any of you gym goers could suggest activities or equipment that would be beneficial please.

I have my next physio session next Monday so will be talking to him too.

Ive used a recumbent exercise bike at my physio appointment and really enjoy the pool.

Any ideas or thoughts would be gratefully received.

Means i can also get a proper shower too.

Thanks Andy

Ps - my left side paralysis is improving (10 months post stroke) - but my left arm/shoulder/hand etc is still pretty much asleep, although my leg is getting atronger now.


Yay to the proper shower Andy @TRFCANDY53 will be like heaven for you :grin::grin:

Can’t help with exercise equipment as the only things I used at the physio gym was exercise bike & cross trainer…i was rubbish on cross trainer as you need to be coordinated & i’m anything but :rofl::rofl:

Really hope it helps xx


With my gym sessions on a Wednesday weekly Andy I find the treadmill/cycle/& leg/arm weights very beneficial in strengthening my body limbs


Thank @Mrs5K and thanks, @Jordan.
Ill ask John my neurophysio on Monday and maybe settle for the pool smd the recumbent bike as a good starting point.

Have a lovely weekend

Andy xx


Hi Andy @TRFCANDY53 - after my stroke I was fortunate to take part in a stroke rehab course and from there I ‘graduated’ to a class at the gym that was specifically for people with (various) health conditions. That was a 12 week course and since then I exercise with a group of people I met during it. I go to the gym three times a week and use a range of equipment.
It’s difficult to say which equipment would be suitable as strokes affect people differently. The gym I use is affiliated to the local authority. Is there anything similar in your area? If not, I would think a trainer at any gym could devise a suitable programme for you to follow.
I’m passionate about the physical/mental health benefits of exercise and believe me, I hadn’t set foot in a gym since I was at school!
Hope it works out for you.


Don’t you settle, never settle! And isn’t it great to experience the progression you have made to be venturing further afield :smile: I’m all for you venturing into the gym just because I’m addicted too :laughing:

The tread mill is an obvious must, so that goes without saying and you can set the pace as slow as you need, plus there’s 2 big arms either side of you to help maintain balance. There will also be at least 2 types of exercise bike to choose from.

I started a year ago, whilst balance was still very iffy and still right side weakness both arm and leg. Fortunately there was a lot of varied seated equipment I could use so I didn’t have to concern myself with my balance issues particularly in the beginning (I already had a separate workout to address that using a balance board).

There’s also the Steps machine, which I use a lot to try reactivating issues with drop foot.

Seated Leg press, upright seat with a large vertical plate to put your feet on and push out in front of you. There’s probably also a reclined one.

Hip Abduction (also Hip Adduction just no photo of that)

Leg Extensions

Seated Leg Curl

Naturally these are only a few and won’t look the same as at Total Fitness. But this give you an idea of the sort of things you will be able to do there.

Most newbies to the gym just spend their first few times playing around with the equipment to see what it can do for them. If this is your first time in a gym (as it was with me) you can probably arrange for a staff member to show you around and demonstrate how the various apparatus works.

So as you can see, there’s a lot for you to choose from so don’t you ever think you have to limit yourself to the tread mill and pool! :wink:
There will also be a whole gamut of seated equipment for upper body too. I just haven’t included any as I’m not sure what you are capable of with regard to your left arm. And I won’t even start on the free weights, bars, dumbbells and other equipment they’re likely to have there which you could utilise.

I wait to post this 'til I could get a few pics during the quieter times at the gym.
Hope it raises your spirits a bit, and I’m sure your physio therapist will have good advice for you too on what would benefit you there.
Good Luck :muscle:

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Thanks for the birthday wishes all xxx

54 is great!!!


Thank you so so so much for such a brilliant helpful snd positive infornative reply xxx.
So much to look at and youre right. Settle was followed by ‘to start with’…cozi dont settle for anything i keep pushing thsts my nature and dna!!!

Ill have a chat with my physio on monday too. And we will get sn induction at the gym too.

Thank you sooooo much for taking the time to take pics too x.

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You are very welcome @TRFCANDY53 I’m glad I could help you :smile:
If the place is as well equipped as my gym, there is so much more that you will be able to do for your arm too. There will be all sorts of free style manual equipment aside from dumbbells that you will be able to use as well as the static seated machines, and even some of those you be able to utilise for retraining your arm and shoulder.

It’s all about playing around with them to see what fits, venturing further afield as grow in confidence and ability. Good luck and build strong muscles; I shall enjoy hearing all about your progresses over the next year :muscle: :laughing:

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Thanks @EmeraldEyes more positive words dnd suggestions. I’ll go along and see what theyve got and what i can do now and what i can aim for.

I’ll let you know how it goes…marathon not a sprint…

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