Guidance and Advice for recovery from stroke for my father

Dear All,

I am looking for guidance and advice for the recovery of my father, who recently had a brain hemorrhage (Left Brain) on 30/03/2023.

  1. He had a stroke/bleed in his sleep as his blood pressure shot above 200

  2. Immediate medical attention was received and a De Compressive Craniectomy Surgery was performed within 6 to 8 hours of the discovery.

  3. Recovery was looking positive since then but he developed an infection in his large intestines and another surgery had to be done on 13/04/2023 (Resection Anastomosis) and a 6 inch ascending colon was removed i.e. large intestines alongwith ileostomy procedure.

Today 20/04/2023 is end of 3 weeks and he is on the road to recovery but there are different types of hiccups we are facing everyday e.g. Mild Fever, BP Fluctuations, More Sleepiness, Less responsiveness. etc. and we are trying to understand all things from the doctors everyday.

I am looking to find out quite a few things in order to understand how we should deal with all this and what all we can do as a family to help him fully recover best.

I would like to ask if anyone has come across similar situation or know anyone who has and how they have dealt with it and what all they have done. If yes I would like to get in touch and I would highly appreciate any information / help / advice / guidance on the same from anyone who can help.

I would like to do all possible maximum things I can, to help him fully recover the best.

Thank you all


Thank you Loraine

I am positive and hopeful and looking forward to insights of anyone with similar experience or knowledge on the same.

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@Harry2023 welcome to this brilliant forum, it has a wealth of knowledge from stroke survivors. keep asking the doctors questions get information sheets, anything they offer take it, I too have not had experience in his, but there will be someone on here who has, it might take a few days to answer you. good luck with your fathers recovery


@Harry2023 welcome to the forum. Sorry to read about your father’s stroke & subsequent issues.

I have no experience of bowel surgery but he has been through a lot & his body will need lots of recovery time. It’s inevitable, i think, that he is very sleepy. He’s had 2 major surgeries in a very small space of time.

The mild fever may well be the result of the infection he had in his bowel.

I think you need to keep asking questions of the drs & just take one day at a time. Sorry I can’t be more help but i wish you & your father lots of luck.

Best wishes.

Ann x

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Thank you Chris

I have all the data and reports and progress track records. If anyone needs anything who understands them surely I can share.

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Thank you Ann

Update 22 04 2023

Yes since last 2-3 days i.e. (19-20-21 Apr) he is more sleepy. Fever has subsided. But I feel his Sensorium is down. Maybe because he is more sleepy? I am not sure! In between the first and second surgery I felt it was OK and not this low. But I am not sure about now.

Maybe the 2nd operation has taken loads out of him too. I know if I’ve had an anaesthetic I am tired for a good couple weeks after & if you add that to stroke fatigue it’s not really surprising. Maybe ask the drs if this is normal & take it from there.

Hope he starts to improve soon.