Just a question about groups, with the old format, group members could post within the group section of the forum which was separate from the main forum. Having had a look at the current format, it seems that members join the group but posts refer back to the main forum, and members are privy to what is being posted by watching or tracking those posts. Does this mean we need to post group posts in the main forum? Or start new topics for our group in a category of the main forum for our members to contribute to? If so, which category do we post into?

Addendum: I think I have worked it out now, groups contain ‘messages’ and not posts.

🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷 iDont have a clue

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I think they are importing them as and when moderators bring missing groups to their attention. Perhaps, there were many dormant groups. But pleased we’ve got ours up and running again. Hope you are doing well today.