Hey! Is it just me or are the gremlins on this website back? I’ve managed to post two messages even though the screen was completely blank. Has the mechanism blown a fuse? Needs to reroute methinks, Veronica 

Someone's been feeding them after midnight ...  ???

Weird how I’ve been typing and had blank screen! Seems to have righted itself this morning. It did this to me a few weeks ago.  They must be replete lol! ???

Gremlins......I find throwing my iPad shakes them out ????

Yet another sport to add to our list, forget welly-wanging & start hurling those i-pads!!  

I think we might have to get this sport sponsored.  I-pad's very expensive.  How about we get the healthcare or other professionals who have been the least helpful, considerate etc.etc to provide us with the I-pad. enlightened Maybe theirs.  It could get them to focus on how to support S.S.'s and their families. yessmiley

GP receptionists have got to be in that list somewhere ... ?

Definitely!  They have to donate I-pad and mobile phone ??

Thanks for cheering me up guys. Just what I needed lol!.??

I know I’m not sleeping, but it’s not me! ?

Hi Veronica

Thanks for raising this issue - I am glad to see it has rectified itself, but I will forward onto our development team who will look into it.

Many thanks