Green Sunflower hidden disability lanyard

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ive got a question that I'm stuck with. With me getting out and about more than I was doing. I've seen these sunflower landyards Thought it would be good idea just in case I'm in need of help when out in public. For people to see if I needed help in shop etc. I ordered one a green lanyard came with a hidden disability card came with it. But it's not the green sunflower one. I got my sister to order me one but that's green and got lemons on it. I've looked online but many different lanyards have different meanings all I need one for people need to know kinda thing.Im over the moon with the hidden disability thing as I feel it will come in handy. where can I get the right one? Or is there another method to make people aware. I just want something that's discreet. 

wish this was more out there and people know what it means.

hope this all makes sense

May sound a bit strange but I am sure I saw them advertised on the London Underground website. They were being given away free to those who needed them.  There are many underground stations that still don't have escalators and may not be able to carry heavy suitcases up the stairs. I was looking for help in that region when I came across the sunflower lanyards because I hadn't heard of them before.  Since I saw it on there, I have seen several people wearing them!

Definitely needs more publication because the people who were wearing them that I saw looked able bodied but obviously aren't. 

Just had a quick look and apparently you can buy them at your local hospital shop if you live near a hospital. Or on Amazon.

Hi. I got mine free from Marks and Spencer, but a lot of shops etc seem to think this is only about not wearing a mask even though it started out as a way of supporting those of us with hidden disabilities. Jackie

Thankyou I shall take a look

Many thanks Jackie 

You might be able to get them from tesco  ask customer service