Great improvements

Hi, everyone sorry I've not updated you for a while work has been mad busy plus wedding planning taking over!!

Dad is doing well still sticking with the physio I think secretly he enjoys it ? He managed a little walk with his best mate Izzie (dog) last week only 10min but he did it he was so pleased as was Izzie....

The goal of him walking down the aisle unaided is still on, I've not mentioned the father daughter dance yet ?

What he did do the other week was thought he would see if he could drive!!! Put it this way it's not happening again I went in work mode and told him off. He couldn't manage it thankful realised after 5min.

hope your all well keeping those chins up. Xx

So lovely to catch up with your news, Karen. Your Dad is doing amazingly well. I’m glad my husband decided not to drive, even though he’d passed the drive ability course. Before the DVLA revoked his license, he was out on his own crossing a busy dual carriageway. He always phoned to let me know he’d arrived at his destination and when he was leaving to come home. He’s a nervy passenger now - nothing to do with my driving, lol! 

I’m sure your Dad will get to walk you down the aisle AND dance with you! ??. Give him our kind regards, V&J 

Will do and thank you xx