Q. What's better than a proven exercise course to help with Stroke upper limb (arm) rehabilitation?

A. A free proven exercise course to help with Stroke Upper limb rehabilitation.

When I was discharged from hospital 8 years ago, I was pretty cross to find that I could have spent a lot more time focussing on Stroke recovery in the 4 months I spent in hospital.

GRASP,  Which is short for Graded Repetitive Arm Supplementary Program, was developed by The University of British Columbia and has been proven in trials to improve hand function.

It consists of a series of manuals describing exercises, with illustrations, and is  suitable for all ages. As I've already said, it is FREE and needs only a computer and printer to print out the manuals.

You can access it through the following website:

Please note that I am not affiliated with this in any way - it has been useful in my recovery, so I am sharing it.


I also used this program- it was given to me by my occupational therapist - cannot recommend it highly enough - in the early days I had very little movement in my arm and I followed this program religiously it has certainly helped me