Good experiences of statins?

I just had my stroke thrusday night.  It is just many language areas affects.  I'm 43, slim, active and eat a super healthy diet have done for years, so do idea what caused it.  Anyway, I have been prescibed clopidogrel and Atorvastatin.  I have never been on medication before and is scarced me specially when all I can find are scare stories about statins.  Has anyone had an ok time on them?  No side effects etc?  Thank you to anway how can make it feel less scary! x

I had a stroke 2 years ago, aged 46, and given both. I haven't had any problems on them. After 1 year my cholesterol was checked and I went onto a lower dose Statin purely because I didn't take medication before my stroke and would rather take the lower amount whilst I could. I now take more care with what I eat. I do understand your concerns as I felt them too but don't think anything of it now.

Such early days. Things will become easier and clearer.

In the main. its only those of us that were fit, healthy etc who actually survive. Many do not. You are special for that reason alone. You have been blessed with life.

I was just unlucky with getting a stroke that bit me. But if truth be told I survived because I have an unusually strong heart. So the clot that got me was pushed out the way by my strong heart.

The cause of a stroke is not the major issue. Once you are discharged as medically fit and you then take things ultra slow and easy for the first month then the cause isnt the big deal. Its how you recover. Us fit lot have a much better chance with a good recovery.

I reviewed the statins and, under pressure from me, the GP agreed it was a small risk to skip the statins. My level was marginal so I have improved my diet and dropped the statins. Aches and pains in the limbs stopped pretty quickly when I abandonned avorstatin. But talk to your doctor, dont just drop them. Think about how the GP has to act. If astorvastin doesnt suit then there are other statins.

Clopidogrel is a blood thinner. Warfarin and aspirin are also blood thinners. A few people react to clopidogrel so they can take small dose aspirin as an alternative. I did a ten week trial by taking aspirin and I found no difference whatsoever. Clopidogrel was not the cause of my various stroke after affects.

So I can say that I take clopidogrel without any adverce affects. I do of course bleed a lot at the slightest of cuts, but that would be the case with any blood thinner. Boy have I perfected the morning shave !

Poppy, it is a long journey ahead. Please relax and take in your present circumstances. You can not hurry the recovery, your brain will not let you. So please get lots of sleep, drink lots of water, smile a lot and think positive thoughts.

On a practical level, do get your copy of the discharge letter and keep it safe and to hand. You will need it over the coming months.

Lots of us are here to help you with our experience of stroke

Best wishes



Hi! I had my stroke in April 2017. I say it is my welcome to my 50s moment. Since I was in the hospital until now I am taking both, 75mg Clopidogrel and 80mg Atorvastatin. Fortunately for me I have had no side affects from either. I don't know how much of my fatigue is due to my medications, my stroke or my menopausal symptoms. A positive thing about taking Clopidogrel I think is I haven't had migraine headaches and other symptoms since I have taken them. Before my stroke I often had migraines and I was taking aspirin for it. So I guess now the Clopidogrel is doing the job of aspirin. Don't be afraid about taking the medications. If you feel any side-effects you can always go back to your GP/consultant and discuss your medications. Best of luck with your recovery.

Hi, yes i am on both of those medications and i have been for 2 years nearly. I find them absolutly fine iv had no problems at all. I was only 36 when i had my stroke. Ayisha. Xx

Hi Poppy, I am assuming you Stroke was caused by a clot. The medication you are on has been prescribed for that reason. You are in your earliest days of recovery, when being scared is natural. Mine was four years ago, but in my first week I thought I was going to die at any minute. Like many of us, you were fit and healthy soba stroke in those circumstances appears all the more bewildering. Things will get better, so please stay positive.

Thank you all who have replied!!!  That is reassuring that the drugs arent all horror stories!  And colin, what you said has really halped to that it wasnt a worse stroke probably becaseu i was healthy - nice to think all those health habits were not in vain after all!! All rugbytugwell, I have migraines too so it would be indeed a good side effects if the clopidogrel took then away!! My dad died when I was 6 and he was 39 due to a heart attack so I am feeling very lucky that i got the second chance that he didnt and hopefully will get on the right treament to prevent what happen to him happen to me x

Take all the medications given to you all the time. If you feel any problems with them don't stop taking them until you have spoken to your GP or consultant. Exercise and keep active. Being emotional is normal. You will find yourself suddenly sobbing like a child. Cry out all your fears, frustrations, all those negative feelings. I did and I do find crying and expressing myself very helpful. It settles me down. Fear is normal so talk to your family and friends and I did (again I still do) find reading the posts here very helpful, motivating, reassuring. Again, I wish you the best in your recovery. 

Dear Poppy

I had migraine frequently. Not severe, but frequent. They have virtually stopped since stroke. Like one every three or four months. Silver linings.

Can I mention that this site will delete certain word so when you use the D word to say dad passed away, it is sent to us with "My dad when I was 6". Now I am well aliong the recovery road so i can cope with this, but in the early days I would struggle to take in such a phrase. (Although in my early days the site didnt delete words!) .

Best wishes


Thank you again for your advice and support!  Its interesting that the site screens out the 'd' word - I can see why, I did think that was happening whislt I had my strong - its a very wierd experince to say the least.  

It screens out a lot of my words.... Its like being back at school.... Miss!