Going down hill

Since my stroke I made faily good recovery for about 18 months driving doing as much home work and moving home then lockdown the last year I’m noticing a lack of mobility and trying to get around feeling like I’m going to fall legs get very heavy and right side of my mouth feels like it’s dribbling and really worn out


Sorry to hear this,go get checked out it doesn’t sound right,you know your own body better than anyone
Please take care of yourself x

Dear Mickybo. Sorry to hear that you are feeling unwell. I would take that advice given and get a check up. Like you I felt unwell and later found I had had a minor stroke. I am on the mend now but you need to check up to make sure Best wishes Lilian

@Mickyboy sorry to hear you’re feeling that way. I worked a lot of shifts as a volunteer at the Covid vaccination centres before my stroke & many people reported being less mobile as a result of lockdown. Given your other symptoms as well though I think you need to see your GP & get yourself checked over. You can never be too careful where health is concerned. Hope you start to feel better soon.

Thanks for support I’ll see over next few days how it goes not worried about it we have to go sometime

Hi Mickyboy
I personally wouldn’t leave it for a few days to be monitored by yourself something clearly isn’t as it should be & should be addressed by your Dr’s .
B/safe stay strong & I look forward in reading what your Dr’s are saying

Seems to have passed now so will leave for mo thanks