Goal achieved

Hi. Just wanted to share a success story. on 24th November 2018 I had a stroke caused by a bleed. I was paralysed down my right side. I had been fit and healthy and a regular runner. While in the hospital I set myself a goal to run 3 and 1/2 miles again. I managed this and in October 2019 and March 2020 did 2 5k runs. The March one was a Stroke Association Resolution one. By then I had decided to aim for 10k by 24th November as that would be 2 years since my stroke. In March I got Covid and that was followed by 2 post stroke seizurez and in September I was diagnosed with polymyaglia rheumatica so running was limited! However, today I did 10.25k. It took me almost twice as long as it would have before the stroke. I firmly believ goals are important in our road to recovery however small or large they may be.

That's fantastic Jackie.  You have overcome not only strokes but Covid and polymyalgia rheumatica - superhuman efforts.  I truly believe that we should all set goals however small. Even the smallest goal is a massive achievement for stroke survivors. Mine was being able to peel potatoes again. A simple task for most but a milestone for me which took almost 2 years to achieve and finally released my hubby from peeling duties!  I had my main stroke in August 2017 and 3 weeks ago, I had a TIA on the same side.  Although the TIA left me with no significant issues, I have noticed that the dreaded stroke fatigue has crept in and I am a bit more confused than I was before it.  However, I know how much I overcame with my first stroke which was far worse than this hiccup. I am also on stronger medication than last time too so, fingers crossed, life will get back to some sort of normality and I will be back up to speed soon.  

Give yourself a huge, mahoosive, pat on the back and treat yourself to something really nice as a reward! Take care x

Hi Jackie, you put a lot of us to shame!!!  I'm going to do an extra walk today and stop whinging about minor aches and pains!!  


So pleased for you, it's truly amazing, and inspirational. ??

Brilliant effort. Such perseverance. And thanks for sharing your



Wow, thats fantastic Jackie. I'm 17 months post, and if I can do a mile a day, I've done well. Unfortunatly, I can no longer run, due to not having a great deal of feeling in affected leg. I enjoy my daily walk, but as soon as I get near 1 1/2 miles, I know thats now my limit. You should be very proud of your achievements, well donw

Wow you have done so well. I think I need to set myself more definite goals as I have just been trying to gain my fitness back but getting frustrated that I’m not there yet. I had my stroke in August 19 and made very good progress with walking and using my left arm. I was determined to get back to sewing so really worked at my fine motor skills. Now I’m able to sew as before. Now the fatigue has improved I can keep going for longer too. With lockdown I feel I haven’t made as much progress as I’d like in confidence and physical stamina and I’ve  felt down at times. I need to focus more on the positives I think. It was good to read your story and I realise how lucky I am.

Fantastic. You just got to keep pushing.