Glyceryl trinitrate

After an exciting totally unplanned overnight stay in A&E last night I have been prescribed Glyceryl because of the leftsided chest pains I have been getting ,also had 2 ct scans a chest xray an ecg and blood tests ,I like to get my moneys worth ! I went in at 9pm because of the chest pain and because of severe dizziness Bp was a staggering 210/180 , all the tests came back normal ie no further stroke and no cardiac issues the consultant thinks the chest pains are caused by the high BP hence the glycerol to help if the pains continue. I add at this point that ive had these pains for years long before the stroke which was 2 years ago, I’m home now but feel a bit shaken that this happened within a few hours as I’d done BP check in the morning
Which was ok .


@Yellowdog sorry to hear of your health issues. Your BP was very high no wonder you were in pain. Good that the scans were clear.

Have they done anything to get your BP down?

I hope the glyceryl trinitrate sorts the pain for you.

Take care of yourself xx

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Hi yes BP was back down when I left ,personally im not convinced that the pain is caused by Bp as ive had it a long time ,its a short twingy pain that I can have for hours but only for a brief second,Ive been told many times its muscosceletal and has no known cause.

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speak with your gp @Yellowdog , they can refer you to musculoskeletal therapy. might help

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