Global warming - burning issue of the day

Looking at Planet Earth through human eyes, we have arrived at certain conclusions.
These deductions have been shared amongst humanity, far and wide.
Of course, by nature, the human being is confrontational and argumentative and so his/her conclusions are always open to debate.

All this aside I am going to draw together a few observations that have generally been agreed to be facts, to be true in relation to how things stand.
If we look at this part of the world (the British Isles) then geologists have come to a number of pertinent conclusions. At some stage in the evolution of this part of the globe a couple of contrasting states have left behind traces of their existance.
An extremely long time ago tropical seas and coral reefs, with associated high temperatures, were a feature here. These reefs formed areas of chalk in the south of England. Then there was a cooling and this brought about an ice age the effects of which can be seen as phenomena caused by the movement of ice floes. The cooling was followed by a warming which melted the ice. To a degree this warming is still occurring, possibly even taking this area back to tropical temperatures. It is not unreasonable to suggest that the temperature changes might be cyclical over great periods of time.

Humans have noticed this and recently labelled it ‘Global Warming’ attributing the cause to human activity. (Humanity believes it is at the centre and is the cause, result and initiator of everything.)
Of course this warming (and cooling) began before there was any such thing as humanity and judging by the fact that at some stage this was a tropical zone it is not unreasonable to suggest that over a very great period of time the temperature of an area or areas of the planet could very gradually rise and also fall, even doing so in a cyclical fashion.

So how could these changes be created? One explanation looks at the tilt of rotation of the planet. The tilt or the angle of rotation possibly has a very slow wobble that could produce very gradual variations in temperature and climate. As the Sun shines on particular areas for longer or shorter periods.

A book could easily be written on this theme. Having little faith in human wisdom I think books and words will make no difference. Humanity is powerless in the face of what I will call Nature for want of a better word. The tsunami, the volcano, the earthquake, the tornado move independent of humanity.

We somehow believe we are a causative force in the centre of all things when in reality we are at the mercy of what is much greater than anything we can be or do.

I find it difficult, despite popular discussion, to believe that our destiny is somehow in our hands.

I love a good rant. I believe we should all have our say. I recognise that opinion will always vary and I don’t think anyone has a complete and continuous connection with truth.

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I have written manuscript bout how God works in our body

My whole entire right leg is like that

This leads me to wonder whether it was the way that dinosaurs behaved that caused their extinction. If they had been a bit more careful perhaps they would still have been around. Quite a serious consideration if you are or were a dinosaur.
Of course mankind could quite possibly have saved them by eating drinking and burning less, that is, if we had been around to save the day, at that time.

Talking twaddle can achieve many things.
For one thing, it is a time killer.

My writings should come with a health warning.
Beware, do not take too seriously.

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Well you will like my manuscript

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Aaah, plastic dinosaurs.
Maybe, if/when mankind becomes extinct, we will also return, as plastic men and women. Playthings for some as yet to be conceived alternative organism.

more twaddle, as requested.

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I’m sure my script was more sensible when I was right hand writing.
This left hand, well, I’ll say no more.


Butterfly this is my right hand

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You are scaring me now. Don’t be dying your hair orange and using fake tanning lotion. You look great with your smart red hair. And for heavens sake, do not throw trash about the planet. Put it in a receptacle, or better yet, purchase things with no packaging to waste. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh, and BTW, what’s up with Boris Johnson? He’s out, he’s in, he’s out, again? I’m so confused. Hope you enjoy that tropical weather. Feels like Hades here.


I have a feeling that Boris, our class clown, is ruled by these same solar cyber cycles, he moves in mysterious ways, sometimes warming with the planet, only to cool off politically, probably as a primitive instinctive survival response.

All our public spaces are provided with receptacles and we have become a clean country.
I remember the day when we could see all sorts of dog poo, including the, not so rare, white poo and particularly the, not at all seen, poo that usually ended up adhering to the sole of one’s shoe.
In those days not many people walked about bare footed.

We have a game show guy on television, named David Dickinson, who has also had ups and downs, but is very notable due to his vivid orange colouring.

I once tried that orange stuff but it only stuck on my elbows and knees. Unfortunately I will have to stay my normal milk bottle white self. The alternative is a painful lobster red which very quickly subsides and reverts to slightly freckled white.

No need for consternation @DeAnn these bouts of twaddle quickly subside, bringing a return to mind numbing normality. This also, probably, tying in with the great seasonal cycles and long debates about cause and effect.

Nuff said, says I.

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Make the most of this stifling heat, it will soon be dark, cold, with regular chills, once again.


Some whiffling I agree with.

I’ve often said "where I live was covered with a mile of ice previously and the fact that it’s not here anymore means regional warming is an indisputable fact as was cooling . Mediaeval frost fares in London where evidence of a regional and cyclic weather pattern

it’s obviously a fact that humanity affects the planet, but is it a really is a material one? it isn’t the planet that needs saving - It’s our current patterns of usage. so if where I live becomes a desert people will go live elsewhere - probably in the current deserts that because of the rainfall patterns may become green and fertile
if you look at change over 10 or 100 years span it is disruptive and worrying, if you look at it over a thousand or a million nobody’s going to be terribly upset

A significant change was the bacteria around for the first half a billion years of Life on earth half a billion years ago who poisoned themselves with oxygen that they produced. but that allowed everything else that’s now alive to flourish. (Challenges from the sun expanding won’t affect the earth for a few billion years which is probably long enough that we don’t need to worry about it. I think the projections are the sun will swallow the earth in four and a half billion years)

Factors we haven’t considered are:

  • a powerful solar flare disrupting electricity supplies. With our current economic network dependant on and a very fragile dependency it is. It will starve most of the population it when it happens.
  • Yellowstone National park is over 100,000 years over due for an explosion that will disrupt global food production for several years starving most people today. Plus…
  • earth magnetic pole switches from where it is currently to the opposite periodically throughout history and we spent the whole of our history depending on north to be where it is at the moment not in the other location - so all navigation will stop overnight at some point.
  • Covid recently showed us how an organism can rapidly spread globally and how disruptive it is but it equally showed us how resilient and responsive we can be.
  • The slow decline in insects and in human resistance EG The rise signalled by hay fever and other allergies caused by the use of insecticides and disinfectants are definitely more worrying to me than climate change effects.
  • Then there’s a threat from a significant chunk of rock hitting the planet, - and -
  • the idea that it’s technically possible to produce a kitchen table nuclear device or genetically modified virus now and there are certainly terror groups that view them as giving them some leverage!
  • in fact there’s a lot of threats and I for one am not really aware of very much governmental activity at a national let a lone international level focused on how well being is protected - It’s all rather complacent and miss focused on things like the use of plastics; yes they’re a problem, but not of the order of any of the other things that I listed and I’m sure my list is not comprehensive

Im sure I don’t agree with Elon musk on much but the idea of establishing colonise elsewhere does remove the single point of failure vulnerability that we currently have
$0.02 worth



There is an outside chance that the dinosauri in their final throws, in their last hundred years, discovered and built very usable space ships.

Over the other side of the Galaxy they now luxuriate in perfectly maintained colonies, sipping endless glasses of exotic herb infused gin and watching American movies projected onto planet sized screens.

Isn’t evolution miraculous?

Which bin do you use to recycle a whole planetary system?

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Balderdash levels are soaring to extremely, almost stratospheric, heights
Something will have to give.


I definitely couldn’t say the possibility of zero; but I don’t think it’s a long way up off of zero .

I don’t think you can ever recycle old planets cuz you cant put it in the glass and tin and you can’t put it in the paper and it doesn’t go in the brown one for composting so I guess it has to go in the landfill one.
Maybe instead of throwing out some There is a galactic shed somewhere with a box marked “might be useful one day”? I’ve got shed & a box for useful one day but it’s too small for this particular purpose.

I’m currently deciding how I reuse the legs for the kids 12 ft circular 3 ft deep garden swimming pool, the rest of which I’m throwing out after 25 years in a shed. I think split in to pairs with scaffolding boards running between the legs I can use it as a stand for my potted trees which need moved



Keep the paddling pool.

In another ten years David Dickinson might well be informing you it has become a valuable antique,
in the same way that I too have become such a worthy artefact.

Don’t go taking my sayings without a pinch of salt, it is an essential condiment together with a spoonful of sugar to sweeten the unpalatable.

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Memphis TN has the Ozone air alert days for people that drive in cars Public transportation FREE :free:


I need the pool, for my dog. Send it to me to save me the $25 for a new one. Wait…nevermind…Probably costs more than that for shipping. Maybe I will get my grandson to 3D print one… Did you know they recently printed the first edible salmon dinner? I knew they could do houses and medications… still not sure on the edible stuff, if that is a good idea. Over my head for certain.

Global warming? As with politics, and other things…they no longer matter to me. There are more important things. We will all be leaving this place soon enough. Just treat others and the planet with respect. Never gonna happen here, but seems much more promising in the next realm based on my experiences.


The pool is 12’x3’ ≈ 2500 gal capacity. Horse paddling, dog swimming!

Free for collectors (comes with chemicals! Too)


I want a tropical fish

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