Glasgow Based Opportunity to Participate in the Evaluation of Audio Arm Rehabilitation Systems

Help Test an Audio-Feedback System For Rehabilitating Stroke Survivors’ Arm Movements

A new system is in development, focussing on the improvement of arm movement using audio (sound) feedback. This would be tailored to support stroke survivors in their rehabilitation.

A research team at the University of Strathclyde are looking for adult volunteers living in the Greater Glasgow area to provide their opinions on the system, so that it can be improved in the early stages of development.

What will it Involve?

You will be asked to come into the University of Strathclyde Glasgow campus to take part in the trial, with travel expenses covered for participation, however volunteers will ideally ideally live within a 1 hour journey distance.

You will first take part in a short assessment to check eligibility. You will then be asked to perform a series of movements, with different sounds mapped to the different movements.

Once this has been completed you will need to complete a multiple choice feedback sheet with how much you think the sound generated corresponded to your movement.

Who can take part?

To be able to volunteer you must:

  • Be three months post-stroke
  • Be able to follow and understand instructions in English.
  • Have no complications involving the heart or lungs
  • Not have severe hearing loss or sight that is not corrected by glasses/lenses
  • Not have another existing neurological (brain) condition e.g. Parkinson’s, Dementia or condition that effects the muscles or joints of the shoulder, arm, wrist or hand (e.g. arthritis, fracture)
  • Not have sever balance issues, or been recently injured from a fall
  • Not have acute infections
  • Not be severely cognitively impaired

How Can I Register my Interest?

Please email: with the best contact details to reach you on, or call 07519745527 and ask for Tom.