Giving up

9 months in and still nothing in my hand an arm! Feeling like giving up hope!! Am lucky can walk supervised with a quad stick but feel useless with one hand! My good hand is holding my quad stick!! 

Jane. Please don't give up. My left arm took time and a lot of exercise to recover some use. It still feels paralysed, but it isn't. However, my arm is weaker now and my fingers lack sensitivity. That said, I can hold a potato or apple in the hand to peel it and I can exercise it. It took a long time before I could hold anything in it, certainly more than a year. I still keep trying to improve it, but rely heavily on my right arm and hand. That's after more than five years. Progress is oh so slow, but it does come.

Thank you it's  hard cos I have nothing in my hand and arm at the moment!!!

I know it's hard a nd it's a pain when any recovery takes such a long time. But please do not get up we are all behind you all the best des

Thank you fed. I get so frustrated and mad at the world! Not me at all!