hi i am a 56 year old man.

 In March this year , 2018 i went into hospital for a routine dural AV fistular, whilst i was under anesethic i suffered a stroke which effected my left side, the surgeon told me that a small amount of glue (chalk) had over shot its designated area and this caused the stroke.Its been six months now, my walking has improved ,but still need a stick as i am feeling giddy all the time when i turn my head quickly, is this normal after a stroke? And how long will i get this giddiness for, will it improve.

i am hoping to return to work one day, but at the moment this seems to be unrealistic

Hi mark sorry to hear about your stroke 

my partner had a stroke in February which has left him with left side weakness...his recovery was really slow due to bouts of dizziness which hindered his rehab.

the good news is these episodes have now stopped now so his Physiotherapy is beginning to show results.

I can only say he had it bad but it has stopped so never say never.

im sure you’ll get a lot of advice from some great people on this site..I did 

good luck 

Hi June, thank you for your reply, much appreciated.

i just wish the giddiness would go and that I regain my balance, did your partner suffer from any balance issues?



Hi I am 58 and had a stroke 7 weeks ago, it affected my left side and like you I get very lightheadeness and again like you I can't turn too quickly, I find this very hard when trying to cross the road.  I still walk with a stick and can hoping one day the lightheadeness, the fatigue and the stick will go. Hope this helps.


Hi Jenny,

thanks for replying, I hope you get a speedy recovery.

I am finding my balance a big issue at the moment, hoping every day that this improves.

all the best,


Dear Mark

Sorry to hear of your stroke some 5 months ago.

Giddy or dizzy are quite common amongst us stroke survivors. I am lucky as any giddy spells are only for the odd half day. I have related my dizzy spells to inadequate sleep.

I worked very hard to establish that I need 7.5hrs sleep and then I worked hard to ensure I went to bed at 11.20pm as this is the time I am likely to fall asleep. This has paid good dividends.

Even now I will get the odd morning where I am very giddy. I will fall over if I am sitting let alone standing. I just rest until it goes away.

No two strokes are the same but many of us share many common problems. 

In my experience return to work is after 9 months at the earliest. And it has to be phased return. I have just started the tiniest weeniest voluntary job and it is slaying me. I am 32 months post stroke. 

If your employer has a HR then ask them for help. Make sure that the people who you deal with are trained in relation to strokes. 

Maybe your medications are a problem. Get them reviewed in the context of your dizziness. Alternative meds are available.

I used a stick, for back up as much as anything, for two years plus. I now go without. Stroke recovery has two speeds. Slow and very slow. 

We can both walk. which is a blessing.

Never ever give up. Recovery will go on for years if necessary. 

best wishes


hi mark

yes at one point he couldn’t even sit up wasn’t nice to see him like that  but now well he’s not had any more so fingers crossed ?

Hi Colin,

thank you for your kind reply, much appreciated,

many thanks,


Hi June,

thanks for that,

kind regards,


Hi Mark I have suffered with the feeling of dizziness after my stroke, I find I cant turn my head too quick ie when I look left and right when crossing  the road and I cant walk too fast as this makes me feel muzzy  head. It has improved  slightly I no  longer walk with my stick. Hope this improves for you. 

Hi Mark, It takes each person differently so I guess there is no easy answer, but I think (I don't claim to be an expert!) the more you try the more your brain will find a way to cope.  I think it is a case of slow and steady wins the day.  There's no easy win, but if it was easy would it be worth it?

I found that insisting on making myself to do things the way I did before the stroke was helpful as I didn't form any bad habits.

Good luck, take care and stay strong. 



Thank you

Thank you Dan