Getting your licence back

as i said in another thread i got my licence revoked, twist in the tale ,i figured out it wasnt becauseof my stroke but my heart problem ( got a pacemaker fitted now ) i have finally been given go ahead to re apply for my licence ,i was cleared with my heart problems but because of the stroke and loss of power on left hand side they were cautious ,when i said i would get an automatic they seemed to relent , i know myself doing the gears would be a struggle as my power in my arm is limited ,my left leg was slightly affected ,but in a driving capacity it would be fine ,do the healthcare professionals really think we would put ourselves in danger just to drive again


@cuddyhung great news that you can reapply for your licence & i hope you get it back soon.

Sadly, there are people who would take the risk & drive when they shouldn’t which is probably one of the reasons it’s difficult/time consuming to get a licence back. Some people’s circumstances mean losing their licence has a serious impact on their life so are reluctant to hand their licence back. The vast majority though would do the sensible thing.

Hope you are soon back driving.



When I went for an assessment they stressed that they weren’t there to stop people from driving but might need to stipulate a modified vehicle. Their only concern was safety and whatever needed to be done to ensure that.
I have spoken to others encouraged to take the assessment who were under the impression that driving would not be for them, yet were passed fit to drive.

The assessors were kind, encouraging and supportive.
I hope all goes well for you.

keep on keepin’ on
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