Getting your 'gait' back

So this morning I’ve been to one of our local hospitals for some sensory physiotherapy. It turns out it was kind of pointless, thanks to the advice I’ve already received from members of this site but while I was there I asked about stiffness in knee problem and the traineee physio got my old physio, who helped me to walk again during my 5 weeks in stroke rehab last year, to come take a look at me and what was causing the pain and stiffness. It turns out I’ve taken her old advice and gone from one extreme to the other and I’ve been walking like a ****ing penguin with how I’m putting my heal down first and not bending my knee properly and relaxing when I’m walking
It’s something else I’ve now got to sort and try to get my gait back and I’ve just been shopping with wife and she’s asking if I was ok cos I was quiet. But I was just concentrating so hard on walking and trying to take on board what the physio had told me I was doing wrong
I know everyone’s stroke and how it affects them is different.

But who knew it could be so difficult and complicated learning to walk again!!?

Joey :+1:


Welcome to the Ministry of Silly Walks brigade @stokiejoey :rofl:
I have foot drop, but also some kind of weakness in the right knee too. It’s like it has no stopper to prevent it from wanting to bend the opposite way. I always have to observe the left leg’s walking motion and try to replicate that in the right leg.
My optimal time of day for walking relatively normally seems to be between 12noon and 6pm. Outside of those hours I have to be careful with every step. But I did notice over the winter, high ankle boots kept me more stable for longer. Can’t do that at the moment in this heat though :hot_face:


@stokiejoey there we all are thinking we’re doing well & along comes a physio to burst our bubble. :grin:

I have great difficulty walking & have tried many different silly walks. None of which have helped my biggest issue of not being able to lift my foot.

Now your physio has pointed some things out to you hopefully your gait will improve quickly & with less concentration.


Prior to my stroke I wouldn’t walk anywhere. My newsagents is 3 streets down a bank where I live and I always drove down. I have no choice but walk now but when I’m back driving again I’ll go back to my old ways. I’ll get the exercise I need from being in work :smiley:

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Got me thinking now…Next time I’m in asda with my wife I’m gonna suddenly turn into John cleese ( I’m about same height and build) and do the ministry of silly walks! :rofl: My wife will love that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi Joey
I know exactly how you feel, its mind boggling trying to walk when one leg doesn’t want to join in. !!! I feel exhausted some days just thinking about everything I have to remember.
Shift my weight onto my affected leg, look up, don’t lean too far forward or too far back, get my right leg forward in front of my left leg and that’s without paying attention to everything that’s going on around me !!!

I find myself fascinated watching people walk and can’t believe it is that easy for everyone else.

Then, I just think I’ve got it and someone says " just try this when you’re walking". I know they are only trying help but sometimes I could scream :scream:.

Other than that I’ve had a great day :smiley:.

Keep on keeping on everyone

Regards Sue



I get your frustration with this. I have people, including my hubby sometimes, who tell me its easy why can’t you do this. Doh! If i could then I would.

They are of course just trying to be helpful but does make me want to scream too :grin:


Being in lockdown when I was learning to walk, I found myself watching everyone else’s legs as they were out walking and how they do it. I thought to myself, is this how toddlers must feel waddling around among a sea of legs :face_with_spiral_eyes: . . . did see some nice shoes on my walks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


cheers.I’ve been walking unaided since Xmas but I’ve been over emphasizing putting my heel down first apparently and that’s what’s causing the stiffness in my knee tendons.
To be fair,woman from stroke association who has been massive help since my stroke, said a few weeks ago,I might have stopped using my walking stick to soon.

Got another physio appointment next month, so hopefully I will have corrected what I’ve doing wrong :+1:


Here I am, all at sea.
Its been about eighteen months now.

I am another one affected by stroke.

Can manage without a stick now, but,
I stagger and sway like a seaman on the deck of a ship in a heavy sea.
I am just one amongst many on a journey to who knows where.

I try to steer a course to where the weather is kinder and away from dark, brooding and dangerous storms.

Optimism informs me that there is a shore where a landing is possible, where living is possible.

I tell myself that it is worth the hardship, on the horizon is improvement and safety.

I’'m trying walking on tippy toes every now and again. Toes are supposed to be where the sense of balance comes from aren’t they?

If I don’t improve walk-wise, I’ll at least be the most stealthy stroke survivor out there.
Watch out I’m sneaking up behind ya !

Keep on keepin’ on,
just walkin’ the dawg.
:footprints: :paw_prints:


Hi Bobbi
I’m just a few days short of exactly a year since my stroke. I remember saying to my wife last year when I was in rehab that I didn’t care if had to use a walking stick the rest of my life, but the reality is, is if I am to go back to my job as a FLT driver, I need to walk unaided, and the way I am/ have been walking is causing real discomfort in my knee hamstrings

I dont think it helps that my right knee isn’t the strongest due to football injuries to it when I was younger

Joey in Stoke :+1:


Here’s some extra knee strengthening exercises you can be doing at while watching tv or whatever.

@Bobbi those exercises are also good for improving balance.
These too

I do all the above exercises in our Strength & Balance class. It’s run by AgeUK and anyone over 50 and all abilities can join and it’s free…or just pop a small donation in their collection box :wink: