Getting up from the floor

As I have fallen over a few times I thought I would practice getting up from the floor. It was strange lowering myself onto both knees from a chair but onci hot my left leg under me the strength of both legs and my arm on the chair propelled me to stand , hope I never have to use the practice outside but you never know

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Here’s a link, that has very useful info connected with the subject of this thread.

There is a description of a method to recover from a fall and also how to avoid risking falls.


Thanks, good guide I will absorb and practice each variation on my lounge floor hopefully I don’t. Come a cropper outside been ther done that in earlywalking balance practice, I’m over 6 ft tall doin a full salmon is painful when my headhits the ground thankfully I have a tough skull and got away with it. My confidence was the biggest casualty, but back to normal now.

Good luck fellow zombie walkers we are the walking dead. Great series on prime or Disney of you have the time

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I have a weak arm and leg on my right side.
I tried this solo and struggled but succeeded. I think it is important not to panic and perhaps a practice with a physio who can keep his/her hands off but issue a few instructions might be a good idea.
Maybe a check with a physio should also ascertain whether you have sufficient strength to get back up. It wouldn’t be a good idea to launch yourself at the floor if you couldn’t deal with it.
Be Warned
If you do end up stuck on the floor, ring for an ambulance or get someone to do it for you. If you are not suffering some major hurt and the situation is not life-threatening they will inform you that you are on the end of the queue and could have to wait up to 8 hours. Get a cover over yourself, keep warm, relax and be patient.
After an early fall I was ‘lucky’ and only had to wait two hours to be rescued.

All this points to the value there is in gaining or regaining bodily strength and balance. They are the factors which will keep us upright.

@mrfrederickson All the best from a fellow zombie walker :smiley:

Absolutely right balance and strength are key I did my test with my wife’s help she wanted me to gain confidence I could foot with or without her and it was weird nu surprised myself at how strong my left leg was when on the right position

If only I’d had this link this morning :grin: I didn’t fall but I did find myself on the floor then realised I couldn’t get up. Having read the link it seems I pretty much did what it says but practice coming my way I think :thinking: :sweat_smile:

Hope you are up and resting sorry the timing didn’t prepare you bu hopefully you have mor confidence now having done it for real, goood luck, stay safe good luck with your recovery

@mrfrederickson thank you. None the worse for my experience. I hadn’t even given a thought to how I would get up off the floor until I tried. Would have made a good video for You’ve Been Framed :joy::joy::joy:
Good luck with your recovery too x

Thank the lord, we could al maky a fortune on YBF, both of my falls were epicglad you are safe good luck wiyour recovery

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Just fell over in my lounge, :joy: left side didn’t see a lead that caught my foot I twisted and fell left side down bouncing off the sofa.
Crawlled to my chair got my left leg under me and braving with my right arm got up and sat down, shaken but in hurt thankfully.
All avoidable lesson to self put laptop cables away.after use.,oops

Hope you are none the worse for your fall. Cables are a nightmare aren’t they.

As bond would say shaken not stirred more of a shock been over on hard surface s twice before and it hurts thankfully a soft landing on the sofa with a roll to the floor, wish my arm was there to save me rather than unbalancing me and doing nothing , some day soon it will start to recover I hope.

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Sympathy @mrfrederickson its heroic persons like yourself that give a view into that world down there on the floor level and make us realise how lucky we are.
I just slid off my wheelchair, having inched a bit too far forward on the seat. Despite what I recommend it was instant panic and a great deal of discomfort and breathlessness before I could lie back on my bed hoping that I would soon feel ‘back to normal’. (whatever that is)

You can’t say that life after a stroke is boring and without incident !

Bob (be careful out there) :smiley:

Life is definitely not boring after stroke. Hope you’re feeling a bit more back to normal now.

Watch out for those moments where we all go just that little bit too far…can take you by surprise somewhat :blush:

@Mrs5K after the event it seems no surprise whatsover, almost inevitable.

Unfortunately leading up to such an event is completely devoid of any sense of doom and, as you say, there is a sense of surprise.

How could such a thing happen to me ?

Be happy, Bob :smiley:

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Never dull each day is a challenge I decided to walk with stick around my house perimeter path as part of today’s rehab, should have known my luck was running out, but still fighting on one of my more comfortable falls thankfully, take care oout yher all of you.

Over it now was shaken but a soft landing thankfully

Thanks of the 4 falls I have had this was the best still hit my confidence a bit but must pick myself up and keep going tomorrow is another day.stay safe out there, be knowledgeable and keep on going forward.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@mrfrederickson nurse those bruises and go steady sir.

Wil do absolutely hope to be back closer to my old walking self soon not much progress in recovery of late :blush: