Getting the urge

My year is complete
Getting caught short in Aldi car park was my ultimate indignity during stroke recovery.
All done with discretion and zero panic
Goes to show I held my bottle if nothing else


Oh dear thats horrible for you @mrfrederickson
Well done on dealing with it calmly.

Have you spoken to your GP about this? There are things they can do to help.

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Shwmae @mrfrederickson, well done for staying stoic. Times like those I remind myself, I survived a stroke, so if I survived a stroke, all the other awkward things in life sort of pale in comparison. Easier said than done, as we are only human. Wishing you well.

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I can up that. I currently have a bladder infection and last week had to change trousers twice. Mind you, I was home so no public spectacle was involved. Wednesday night, I was in and out of the toilet fifty times at least and had no sleep. Improving now though.

Glad you are on the mend had similar with diarrhoea Agee weeks back sorted now but very messy

Blimey lads and I thought my dribble was a nuisance I assumed it was long term so bought big box of man pads,now just passed the two year mark only a rare occurrence, still regular trips to loo and feel confident enough to stand up now on occasion So a vast improvement :hugs:

One of those things not usually discussed but on here it is good to share and also to discover that these problems aren’t simply mine alone.
:disguised_face: :tumbler_glass:

I was standing in the bar, the guy next to me holding a foaming glass.
He looked a bit rough and ready but I tapped him on the shoulder.
He scowled at me and asked ‘What is it?’
I said, ‘I have a continence problem.’
‘So?’ he retorted, ‘Why should I care?’
‘Well a minute ago I was caught short, so I grabbed an empty glass.’

‘It saved the day, but I thought you needed to know . . .’
‘It’s the one you’re holding!’

I’ll probably get a lifetime ban for that one . . .

keep on keepin’ on
:partying_face: :+1:


More timely loo breaks has solved my immediacy

Thats great but the GP can still offer some help so that toilet stops don’t take over your days.

Will raise the issues at my next catch up , sure it can be sited without medication, had water retention tablets for a while was the constant piddler

Thanks have some balance at present more bothered with threoccuranceof my left side pain , more pain killer s very depressing thought it had gone away as I have nearly reached the two years post stroke but no it is back to cause me discomfort again

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Being caught short is a standard problem, I carry a bottle in the passenger glove compartment for this. It is a large necked bottle for the obvious reason. The only one I could get to fit in the space was a whisky one. I left the label on it intact so if my car is nicked and the thief looks in the compartment he will say “Whoopee, Iv’e got a good car and a free drink!” This will be some sort of revenge.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: brilliant @Deigh

@Deigh that has made me chuckle this morning :rofl::rofl:

I’m just doing a review of this issue. Nice plan @Deigh by the way.

A lot of the mobility, toilet things are a repeat of what one went through in pre-toddler days. Learning to stand, to balance, to walk a step or two, all took a while. There was no walking into town until much later. The same for toiletting, at first it was poo and pee at will, letting someone else deal with the mess. Then it was learning some control.
My next aim is to achieve a degree of control. Instead of having a pee when I feel the urge I will attempt to hold on for a while. There is much talk of pelvic floor muscles and I am sure this is a better method than control by drugs or catheters. It is probably a question of re-learning as I had to do as a child. I’m hoping this will have the desired result. Time will tell.
Softly, softly, catchee monkey.
:smiley: :+1:

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Yes it’s back in time learning to walk dress, use a toilet and as in younger years accidents do happen to us all , part of the gift of stroke


May I just mention to gentlemen that a uroloist has recomended all men should sit to urinate as that position allows the bladder to empty more fully. He suggested years of standing meant that men were more likley to have urinary continence issues as they aged. Unfortunately men and women frequently have these difficulties post stroke.