Getting my motivation back

Hi Everyone,

Lately I've noticed that I am not so motivated to do some of the things I liked doing, hobbies and things like that. I work shifts so get up early and late shifts don't get home till 11 pm. I have a rest if I feel I need one but my family have noticed I'm not so motivated. It's as if I've lost my 'get up and go'. It's coming up for the 2nd anniversary of my strokes. Does anyone else have this feeling, if so how have you dealt with it. I am usually quite active.


Most definitely have lost motivation. Especially when you always need a hand to do most things and I don’t like to bother people all the time but enthusiasm is definitely lacking in  my day to day Just got to find some exciting new things to do Good luck with everything everyone Tx

Hi Sandie  yes I know that feeling, I am coming up to 2nd anniversary of my stroke, and I saw my doctor yesterday, about the same thing,  I have put on a lot of weight since the stroke as I am unable to do what I used to do.  I wont go out on my own because it is always in the back of my mind that it will happen again and I would be alone.  The biggest problem I find is that as I am slower now than I used to I can't get anyone to go go swimming or walking with me.  My doctor is referring me to a local volunteer group where they know whats going on in my area in the hope that I might be motivated to give something ago where I will not be on my own.  Fingers crossed.  I am also looking into trying to find a personal trainer but living in a village thats not easy.

Good luck with getting back out there!


Hi Wendy,

Sorry you don't feel that you can go out alone incase you have another stroke. Strangely that is something I don't think about as it is out of my hands and if I take my meds and do what the GP has said I should be reasonably ok. Plus I wouldn't be able to work therefore I wouldn't be able to live on my own and pay my way. Independance is very important to me. I have a medi id in the form of 2 dog tags that I wear all the time I am out especially when I am mountain biking so it will help anyone who needs to help me, plus i have 'ICE' information in my purse. I have been swimming but notice my left leg arm does not do so well as the right and I do like the water to be warmish. What a wimp!

Maybe I shall see how things go and if I still feel the same in a couple of weeks I will go and see my GP and see what she can offer.



Dear Wendy

I think we need to adjust so much of our new lives. I monitor my weight and have gradually lost 10lbs by just resisting a fraction of the food treats. Before stroke I was always thin. 

Its possibly the worst event in our lives, that terrible day a stroke decided it would get us. Please dont give in to it. Live your life the best you can. Go out alone. A mobile phone would put you in touch should you have an incident. Do think about what you can do and not what you can not do. 

My village offers monthly relax classes at the village church. In two weeks the village hall are starting a relaxercise class in the village hall. I am so pleased I am in my village bungalow and not in my London house. 

Yes I am slow and I struggle to make friends. No one understands stroke. They mostly are waiting for me to "get better" which of course is not going to happen.

You impress me with the effort you are making. It is so important that we are positive.

And do smile lots of times each day.

You are not alone


Dear Totts Wendy and Sandie

I have been thinking about your comments regarding feeling low when awaking. I had hardly noticed that I was experiencing the same thing. I was great for two or so years and the morning thing has crept up. I now realize that I get past the downer because I get up and let my cat indoors. He is always keen to see me, no doubt because I give him food, then he will cuddle up with me before he drops off to slep. So I am distracted by caring for my cat.

I dont want anyone to get a cat (dog, canary, pet alligator etc) on the spur of the moment. My cat adopted me and not the other way round.I am ideally placed to care for and pay for my pet. It does however show that distraction works for me, or is it discation.