Getting more clumsy

Hi is been about 3 years since I had my stroke I have until now had little to no effects after recovery but of late I notice that unless I pay attention to what I am doing my arms and hands aren’t doing what I expect them to do which means I am knocking things over and missing the target when moving things about. It’s a bit frustrating, has anyone else had this experience

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Hello @stantheplan, I’m only one year post-stroke, and my coordination is pretty precise apart from walking around when I can knock things over as I pass, because I struggle navigating through busy spaces. If this is recent after three years without these symptoms, I would consider bringing it up with your GP. Hope you are doing okay otherwise, and glad to hear you have recovered well.

Thank you for the advice I,LL have a word with my local Stoke support who are always there to help. Good luck with your recovery

Hi @stantheplan - I’m also three years post-stroke and have been clumsy from day 1. I’ve made a very good recovery and I’m thankful for that, but the clumsiness is still with me (along with some other issues). I agree with @Rups that as this is a new thing it would be wise to consult your GP.
Good luck, Janet

Thank you for taking the trouble to reply I have now contacted stoke support and I’m waiting for a response better safe than sorry

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Got a call from the stroke nurse who put me in touch with the doctor at 14:00 who contacted TIA unit at the hospital who rang me ant 19:30 with an appointment at 2:30pm the following day. Amazing this is less than 24 hours after the contact with stoke nurse… lets just see what happens next


Great news I was not having a T.I.A. or stroke it works out my neck muscles and joints are failing causing my upper body parts not to function all that well. hence to clumsiness. Just need to find a bloke with a sharp knife and a lot of knowhow to put it right

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@stantheplan That is good news and great that you got the reassurance so quickly.