Getting a 2nd opinion

Prompted by Norma's post about getting her MRI, I thought I would share my recent experience. Nothing as serious as Norma's experience but yet another example of medical professionals getting things wrong.

A couple of weeks ago, I went for a new eye test for my distance glasses. I had noticed since my TIA last Oct that my eyesight was slightly worse. I wasn't due to an eye test until June but I decided to pay for the test rather than wait to get one on the NHS as I was getting stressed about it.  I won't mention on line which opticians I went to but my experience was not great even though I've had many other tests done there previously without any problems.  The optician seemed totally unable to understand what having a stroke meant to people.  She was more bothered about typing on the computer than listening to what I was trying to explain to her.  She barely looked at me throughout the appointment and,other than read the letters on the table, the only time she looked into my eyes was a quick look with a torch in each eye which took all of 10 seconds.  

As I wasn't reassured by the appointment, I decided to go for another eye test yesterday somewhere else.  There I got what I call a 'proper' eye test. He listened to me and gave both eyes a detailed examination.  He found a small bleed at the back of my left eye and another blood vessel was leaking.  He is referring me to the hospital to get this checked out in view of the fact that I am pre-diabetic and the fact that when I had my big stroke 4 yrs ago, my left eye went completely bloodshot the day before.  He thinks this may have weakened it but wants it checking.

So many posts on here have been about incorrect diagnosis, not listening to patient and/or family members etc. Medical staff DO get things wrong and with all the various hospitals that have been mentioned in the press recently under investigation for 'getting it wrong' I urge everyone who isn't happy or feels they are not being treated fairly and properly to seek out a 2nd opinion.

Edited to say I ended up picking a very sassy pair of new Radley frames for my new prescription so very happy now!

Hi Brenda, what a shame that you had to pay for the test.  It's very frustrating to sit and watch someone typing instead of spending time making a "hands-on" assessment.  I always wonder what they can possibly be typing if they haven't examined me!! A shopping list maybe?  ?‍♀️

I'm worried that the situation will only get worse - especially for those who aren't able to stand up for themselves and challenge the optician, GP, consultant, whoever.  I felt my Mum was being fobbed off by several medical professionals who were supposed to be assessing and treating her.  I emailed her GP with a pretty assertive, strongly worded letter and had him on the phone within 20 minutes!!  Subsequently her care has improved, but I feel it won't be long before old habits emerge and I'll be forced to kick *** again!!!  

My husband's stroke wasn't diagnosed for nearly 4 days, he knew he was having a stroke but couldn't speak or move.  I didn't have a clue at that time, so just stood by helplessly and relied on the information from the doctors and stroke nurse.  If only ....  

Well enjoy your new Radleys, I didn't know they made frames, I'll definitely check those out, I love funky glasses!!  

Keep well, always love reading your posts ? xx

The opticians i go to are a small firm in small shop in small town of Brightlingsea. But i always get a paerdon with the long title , not an optician. 
they spend time with me and use a very flash computer operated machine to check behind my eyes.

the test is free but the computer machine costs £50.

well the last appointment showed cataracts at the stage when an op is required. Endless delays at the hospital. Months and months. Then i am advised i cant have the op whilst my BP is so high. Nevertheless, they have booked me a slot in the hope my GP can get the BP reasonable. 
i am off to the GPs this morning, to cover next step of BP monitor. I also need to see someone to find out why i have not been offered a second vaccine. 
the unpleasant level of memory loss, fatigue, nightmares and function control wont get a look in.

there isnt an NHS service at the moment. Just isolated people floundering to do their best.


Well, I thought blow it, I would treat myself! I'm lucky that I'm in the hospital fund so I get £100 a year allowed for glasses and also quote "because you are over 21 (said with a wink of the eye!) you get 25% discount too".  Whoo hooo! Bring it on!   They are a pale tortoiseshell with pale pink over the ear bits. 


I got the offer of the new scan too but up here it's £25! It's a bit like an MRI for the back of your eye Isn't it?.  I would have had it but I 'd already had  photos of the backs of my eyes on the usual computer on my original test and on this one so gave it a miss. It's good that they are getting all these things though.

I agree that the NHS needs to get back to normal as quick as possible now the covid situation is easing.  Too many people are being forgotten.

Morning ,hospitals are slowly getting back to normal I took my sick certificate into work yesterday and noticed we are slowly getting back to a bit of normal ,they've opened entrances that have been shut for over a year ,and clinics are starting to see people Saturday and Sundays so hopefully it continues ...pippy 

Agree with the sentiment, but i hope we get an NHS somewhat better than pre pandemic. 

and an NHS where all staff are protected from aggressive or violent patients. 

best wishes


Hi Brenda, the specs sound fab, you're worth it - I've got specs envy just thinking of them!!  Now I'm also over "21" I get free eye tests, so that's one thing.  I decided to treat myself to a pair of LA Eyewear frames, last year, broke into my pension pot - ouch!  But they're so comfortable and I tried on dozens of pairs, but kept going back to these, so it was meant to be!!  But will look out for Radleys ?