General caring advice

My partner is currently in rehab centre but hoping to go home soon.
She is being given 2 carers 4 times a day but nothing during the evening. My partner is not able to use her left hand side but can get on a return and go to bathroom
My question is as her sole carer and having back issues myself, What would happen in the evening if she was to need the bathroom or had an accident. She has limited movement in bed and I am worried about her lack of care during the night hours.
I am worried sick about her coming home. I am younger than my partner and I still have to work. Is all this feasible with the care in place she will have?
She would obviously be better at home once settled
Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Sources of help…

Citizens advice bureau
Adult social services (have a statutory duty)
Stoke assoc help line

Hope these help


You could also call the Stroke Helpline on 0303 3033 100 or email
They are closed now apparently until Friday, 9 December 2023.

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Have they said why there are no carers during the evening? I know 4 tines a day is usually the maximum you can have but one of those is usually of an evening.

You might have to consider things like incontinence pads, bed pans or similar. Not great but better than nothing. When my dad was bed bound they were provided free but not sure if that was because he was also on end of life care.

Is there an OT involved at all? Speak with them & Adult Social Services.

Best wishes


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