With all the lovely weather recently, how have you been getting on in your gardens? We'd love to hear what you've been up to!

Hi all, The weather reached 34 degrees yesterday followed by a large thunderstorm last night. A frog came into our kitchen, we saw another looking through the window and one was in the garage. Then I was woken at 3am by their loud chat. Does anyone know if this frog party is linked to the weather or the time of year? 

A very busy time of the year on my allotment/Nursery but then most of the year there’s always something to do, although I am lucky and are 98% ok after my stroke I know my limitations and sometimes it’s the brew shed that takes most of my time making the world right with my allotment neighbours. Still who cares  I am still here.

I have spent a lot of rehab time in my allotment. Gets  me outside and keeps me moving. My allotment is the bottom half of my long garden. The weeds are very pleased with the stroke as they have a chance of winning the battle.

The asparagus bed does well. I cant remember planting, but my diary says I did so a few monthe before stroke. I also have a rather flash Davis weather station sitting high on a tripod base. That also was built/erected just before stroke and i dont remember that either.

its been dust dry here and even the sweetcorn has not grown well. 

the apples are cooking on the trees which is a pity. 

already planning for next year. There is always next year.


I am not a great gardener, but I really appreciate our garden. I remember sitting out on the patio at home after a week in hospital. It was great to be home in the fresh air!

I found that doing odd jobs in the garden was good way of building my recovery, but I did take care not to do too much too soon!

I am on blood thinners, so I wear gloves as much as possible, to help protect against scratches. 

I have been weeding borders and feeding winter hanging baskets, keeps the bright yellow black faced pansies flowering.  Also sowing, nasturtium, dahlia, cosmos,, mino lobata, rhodochiton, viola, etc seeds in the conservatory.  Will soon have to do some potting up.  The tete a tete daffs and Forsythia are fading but the hellebore is flowering it's heart out, masses of pale green flowers. Very much enjoying the blowsy yellow and red beauty of my tubs of Monsella tulips.  We have a blue viticella clematis in bloom despite some nasty frosts.  Have repotted my Prince Charles clematis and he is thriving, he is a prolific flowerer, he was in dire need of new compost. One of the first to flower and last to fade.  Just waiting for the buds of the Montana clematis to burst into flower, they herald the warmer weather.  Marylin