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How long does garapentin take to work? My husband had terrible nerve pain in his arm and the doctor has increased his garapentin from 100mg x 3 times a day to 900mg x 3 times a day by increasing the dose by 100mg per week. We are at 500mg at the moment which is week 4 but i cant see any improvement as yet. In fact i think he is stiffer than normal. He is none verbal but i can see he is in pain.

Hi CB115-- I did not notice gabapentin helping me much for leg spasms after my stroke. I used CBD oil under the tongue, and that did stop them. Maybe iCBD would help your husband with his pain. :slightly_smiling_face:Jeanne

Thanks for the replies. I thought it might take time to work but i am definitely going to look into the cbd oil. I will need to check with his gp before i buy some incase there will be a ny interaction with his meds.
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It does seem that there is no certainty with any single medicine that it will work. It may be necessary to try a few before you find one that helps.
The NNT score for gabapentin is 7. That means only one in 7 people will get a 50% reduction in neuropathic pain once they reach the correct dose.

The good news is there a number of others that might work. I was prescribed baclofen for stiffness.

Thanks for the info. He is on 20mg of baclofen 3 times a day at the moment which the hospitsl have said can be increased once we have the gabapentin at the right dose. I have a telephone appointment with his gp next week so going to discuss everything including the cbd route.

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Hi. I have been reading quite a lot about cbd since my last post and have noticed that most websites say to be very cautious if you are on blood thinners. My husband is on rivaroxaban. Is anyone taking cbd on rivaroxaban that has caused any problems? Also been looking at a mushroom compound called lions mane. Has anyone tried that with any good results? Thanks

Hi CB115. I used CBD oil under the tongue, 20-40 mg almost daily, for a couple of years after my stroke for leg spasms. I still use it occasionally 4 1/2 years later. My GP and cardiologist were ok with it. However, I was then, and still am , on Elequis, a blood thinner and low-dose aspirin daily. I’ve had no problems. But, rivaroxaban is a different blood thinner than Elequis, so I’d ask your doctor. Jeanne

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