I have been on this for several weeks, and have gradually increased the dosage over this time. On Monday my GP increased the dosage again to 600mg 3 x day. The pain I experience is from my head into my ear down my neck and shoulder and down my right arm, I can also get pain at the top of my right leg and at the bottom of my foot. Since Thursday I feel like the pain is worse. I have basically been in the house, lying on the sofa. 

Has anyone else been prescribed this medication?

I had my stroke 14 weeks ago. The fatigue was a struggle but actually feel that is getting better, its the pain thats making me tired as not sleeping properly.

I am due to go on holiday next Friday to Salou, but actually dreadin it at the moment :(

I have bought a Tens machine as someone suggested that, not experiencng any difference as yet but will keep trying.

The stroke nurse is due to ring me tomorrow, so I will relay this to her, but just wanted any advice, thoughts??

I am seeing a neuro-physio and have exercises to do, this does seem to help with the leg but its a struggle with the arm. Just a bit down as I was starting to increase my exercise bu extending my walks etc but thats gone to pot!!

TIA Lis :)

Dear Lordy

As a general comment, 15 weeks is far too early to be travelling on holiday. I hope you have someone who will chaperone you through the journeys and at your holiday place.

You might get a little pain relief if you keep reminding your self that none of your limbs etc are damaged, its just your brain picking up the wrong messages. Shoulders often do have a physical problem when the shoulder muscles havent been working for a while. Your physio will pick this up, especially if you ask about it.

Please dont call it "my" stroke. You didnt choose it, you dont want it,  so its not "yours".

If you smile a lot then the pains will ease a little.

Hopefully someone will come on here who has some knowledge of Gabapentin.  I have not come across it myself.

You sign off as TIA Lis:) Forgive my ignorance, but whats the TIA stand for ?

Best wishes


Thanks in advance. 

Hi - I am 2 years post stroke and was put on gabapentin for a problem with numbness in my non-stroke leg by my GP. It was only a 'baby dose' as he called it to see how I went on.  I was only on it for about a month. It did ease the numbness slightly but I didn't have pain with my leg, only tingling and pins and needles. As my problem was non stroke related being the other leg affected, I was reluctant to up the dose even though GP asked me to.  I found when I came off it after that month I was quite tearful and depressed so I'm glad I didn't up the dose.  I expected that though as the instructions did say it can cause depression. I also have a tens machine but that is more for pain so that may help you after regular use.

My GP also suggested Amitriptyline which he said would help nerve pain and numbness. This is an anti-depressent but apparently, in a 'baby dose' is good for pain. This may be an option for you to try if the gabapentin doesn't do the trick. I am currently having neuro physio for the problem and have discovered that the numbness is caused by a mobile protusion in my lower back that pops out when I sit down and pops back in again when I stand up hence the reason why it didn't show up in the MRI scan of my back because I was laid down for the scan!

I hope the neuro physio can give you help with your arm to get you going again. Try not to get too down. Stroke recovery is quite often 1 step forward 3 steps back but the fact that you have been able to get going with exercise means you can do this again. You just need a little bit of help to get going again. I think you are very brave going on a plane so soon but I admire your determination to get on with life. Maybe have a word with neuro physio about something to ease the pain for the journey and whilst you're away and then tackle the problem full on when you get back..? Good luck though and have a great holiday!

Thank you! I was very lucky as I was thrombilised so quickly that it's really just the fatigue and nerve pain that have been an issue. I have tried the Tens machine over the past couple of days and today I have to say I feel better! I have rested and not done much at all, but definitely feel like that I am turning a corner, fingers crossed.

Dont think its the gabapentin that's done it to be honest. But I'll see what the stroke nurse says shes meant to be ringing today.

Actually looking forward to the holiday now certainly wasnt a couple of days ago!

Lis :)

Hi Colin

I have had the ok from doctors to go as my I was thrombilised so quickly the effects the stroke have been relatively little compared to some. I am going with my husband and two kids (9 and 11) and have requested travel assisstance. So fingers crossed I'll be okay my plan is to rest up whilst I am there and I have loaded my kindle with lots of books.

I will keep smiling!! Thank you!! TIA means Thanks in advance :)

Tens machine does seem to be doing the trick!!!




Dear Lisa

Thats are properly organized for your holiday and should therefor benefit. Travel assistance is often brilliant. I am amazed how helpful railway staff and airport staff can be.

Besyt wishes




Hello Lisa,

 I travelled with my husband to Portugal just 5 weeks after the Stroke. Like you, he was thrombolised within the hour and was able to shuffle out of the hospital 6 days later. As Colin points out, airport and railway assistance is immensely helpful at both point of departure and destination.

John had the Stroke 30 months ago. As well as Portugal, we’ve been abroad to Spain twice and Madeira last Christmas. We’ve also travelled from Durham to Devon and Durham to Stirling by train. We even did a weekend coach trip to Liverpool. Our Consultant said life is for living and to go ahead and enjoy.

We hope you have a lovely holiday.

Veronica and John 

Thanks for sharing, we had a wonderful holiday. Travel assisstance at Manchester airport was fantastic and made it much easier. We've booked to go to Florida next year, alwys wanted to with the kids, like you say life is for living! 


Agreed! Airport staff were fantastic! Had a fab holiday. Lisa

Phew, thank you for such a positive reply. We’re so pleased everything went well. Our next adventure is in October when we travel Newcastle to Jersey. It’s an independent holiday so fingers crossed! 

The guy who said ‘life is for living’ was our mother’s GP in 2004. She’d had a Stroke in 2002, hijacked our holiday to NZ in 2004, and survived to tell the tale. She passed away in 2016 two months before John had his Stroke! We’re still here ‘to tell the tale’ 

thank you for sharing