Gabapentin Tillomod

It’s now been 6 weeks since my Hospital Dr decided trying me on a new medication solely used for Parkinson sufferers to suppress my body tremor knowing in the medical world as an incidental/resting tremor which was an attribute to my TIA stroke though I’m now being told that they think it was a blood clot as supposed to a blockage which sadly caused more damage to my brain than 1st thought leaving me with a weak right side balance & coordination difficulties along with this body tremor which had over the last 2 years impeded my daily chores @ home & socialising. found myself constantly cleaning up my spillages / falling & generally having a
( faecal) time with what it was causing . Granted when I got so angry my tremor would worsen so I wondered if indeed part of it was psychological & behaved like a Parkinson patient . I have explained this to my hospital Dr which raised an eyebrow certainly but not sadly giving me a definite answer to my questioning how annoyed & frustrated I got where my tremor seemed even more active … being looked at I guess …
This new medication which is given to Parkinson patients to suppress pain is actually calming down my tremor . … no never will there be a magic tablet to rid of whatever symptom we have totally sadly . though this
“Gabapentin Tillomed”
has for me quietened down my tremor a great deal where I’m not always going for a cloth to wipe whatever I’ve spilled my my walking I have seen a remarkable improvement where I’m actually lifting my right leg rather than the awkward gait & placing of my foot to take next step with my left foot . Getting up out of bed , sitting down . showering in being able to keep shampoo bottle or shower gel in my hand without it falling & spilling half its contents onto shower floor . I could go on and on with the results I‘ve seen since taking this drug for me has lessened the struggle & has changed an amount of my mood swings in seeing a difference in taking this medication . I feel my right side especially in driving in using both hands without all this concentration in putting my right hand on the steering wheel where in rest mode at traffic lights or sitting in traffic it’s not like I’m mixing a bowel of Christmas cake …
There you have it folks I’m getting there thanks to the professionals who I’m eternally grateful to in addressing my issue as a stroke patient & making my life so much more easier …


Sounds like you are making some progress on your new medication. This is great to hear. I’m sure it feels great to be able to do some of the things you’ve struggled with due to the tremors. Onwards & upwards for you now :grin:

Indeed Mrs5k more upward if I had a choice skywards even :joy:

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Hi Loshy
Yup I’m on 300mg a day so I don’t feel sleepy as such though I’m told there are side effects such as feeling dizzy/sleepy thankfully :sweat_smile: not suffered any said side effects … as yet though you do seem to be on a higher dosage if it is indeed the same medication
Yes I’m on Gabapentin Tillomed & remember the Dr giving both the names that were prescribed as well as being on the box . I’m no pharmacists but perhaps the Tillomed is an additive to the same medication your on . As said Loshy I was told the G/Tillomed was a pain relief medication so how this is settling my tremor is ( a no idea in my books)

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Out of Curiosity Loshy I looked up this drug Gabapentin Tillomed . & your right Tillomed is the company pharmacy name so yes I’m on Gabapentin the very same drug as yourself right now … my Neurologist told me that they are having very encouraging results with this medication for incidental/testing tremors and which again surprises me to no ends knowing this is a pain relieving medication so how exactly it’s working on my tremor . I can thankfully say I don’t have a stethoscope wrapped around my neck nor a white coat & can only shrug my shoulders

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Get up using Garbeptin BUT because of usage as go very high is NOT to you - get another neurolgical pill :pill:

Yes I too would be very interested in your views/reasons for taking some other Neurological medication instead of Gabapentin.

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My neurologist told me to want the dosage as too high was meant for msf usage. For other problems too pregablin or dulextone. Sorry for my usage etc it happens when I have a stroke xx

Hi Frank
Can I ask what “msf usage” is please & has your Dr’s now prescribed an alternative to Gabapentin

Hi Loshy
I got my Gabapentin daily dosage wrong when telling you of its reducing my tremor I’m actually on 300mg x3 a day … oppps

Hi Loshy
It was a few months ago . But I remember you telling me you to were on The Medication
Gabapentin . how are you finding it’s usage . I’m still on 300mg a day & have a couple forgotten to take it from my medicine cabinet that looks like a Pharmacist :joy: where my tremor becomes difficult that find me taking it almost immediately where in 2-3 hours my tremor although visible to onlookers is at rest … as I call it
great how the joke page has taken off again thanks to the team work from all on SS I just wish they would accept small videos as I have a batch I just know would give the people on here a chuckle .
Hoping this txt finds you well

Best wishes

Wonderful news like myself we’re getting there at a pace our bodies/abilities can cope with … along with the medication …
I’m more than excited. Right now planning to go to my 1st air-show in 2-1/2 years my excitement reminds me how I used to jump about on Christmas Eve”as a very young boy :joy:
Chin up Loshy chat again I’m sure


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Royal International Air Tattoo
Held @ RAF Fairchild in Gloucestershire
They even have for an extra £10 a special viewing area/parking for disabled & blue badge holders … :helicopter::helicopter::helicopter::helicopter::helicopter::helicopter::helicopter:

Delighted & still have 3 weeks to go I’ve been charging-Recharging my camera & polishing my Binoculars :+1:t6:
Yes I’ve been Farnbourgh A/show a few years now .

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I most certainly will

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All this talk about gabapentin is very interesting because I was prescribed it for the weird numbness and over-sensitivity in my right leg (my stroke was on my LEFT side) but drs have also said that it’s optional. Consequently I haven’t taken any ! But the weird numbness and over-sensitivity haven’t gone away - I’m aware of it all the time - so I’m thinking that I should try it, but am concerned that the side effects may be unpleasant. Thoughts ?

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Many thanks. I feel I definitely need to do something but am a bit nervous. Do you have any side effects from your dosage ? I notice other people mention feeling drowsy.

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