Functional MRI

Hi all

I’ve had plenty of CT scans, angio CT scans, MRIs and MRAs but Monday I’m having a functional MRI? I’ve been told it a special type of scan and takes a lot of setting up.

Has anyone else had one?

I just wondered what’s involved. Im having it so the consultant can decide how to treat my AVM which ruptured and caused a stroke in 2019, either brain surgery or gamma knife.

Thanks Paul

@Huggybear I just wanted to wish you good luck for your scan. I’ve never heard of a functional MRI so can’t offer any advice sorry. All the best.

That’s very kind of you, thank you. I think it’s an MRI whilst you perform certain movements and activities? I think. It works out if the AVM is in an area which is to dangerous to operate on. X


Thank you so much :+1: I really appreciate your kind thoughts .

I hope it goes well Paul, I have not heard of a functional MRI, and it sounds interesting.

Thanks Rups and I’ll let you know what it’s like after Monday :+1:

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Huggybear I hope all goes well with the scan, I don’t know it entails but hopefully it will give you and the consultant useful information. Moira

From what i know, and i am NOT a medical expert just a strike survivor, Functional MRI is a way for doctors to see areas of the brain that are active when carrying out certain tasks or responding to certain stimuli (flashing lights, different photos/pictures etc).

It doesn’t show the actual brain activity but can highlight where blood flow increases as a result of the brain using oxygen in certain areas and needing increased blood flow. As far as i can make out it is done in a standard MRI scanner.

I found this info that might be useful on the link below, but do ask the team what it is all about, they should be able to really explain it to you. The above might not apply in your case but hope it helps a little.

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Hi and thank you for the info, that’s correct they assess your functions, it was the longest MRI I’ve ever had and I’ve had a few now. I had to answer questions that appeared on a board via a mirror but in my head not verbally. It was ok but I have Ankylosing spondylitis which is v painful and over an hour on an MRI bed did me no good at all.

Done now so I’ll wait to see if it’s surgery or radiation? Thanks again


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Hi Moria

Thank you and fingers crossed it will.

Many thanks for your kind wishes.


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@Huggybear well done on getting through it. Sounds quite taxing to me and it is a long time to be in the scanner.
Hope you get the results soon.
Best wishes.

Thank you again :crossed_fingers:t2: I’ll get done direction soon. Have a lovely day x

Thanks Loshy, I’m not too bad tbh I think us stroke survivors rake things in our stride after surviving the stroke :+1:


Thanks for sharing your experience Paul.