Fully liquidised or pureed meals, any ideas?

Just wondered if anyone has suggestions on where to find and thoughts

Hi Loshy

I’m familiar with nutrient shakes i was hoping for advice on fully liquidised meals such as pie mash veg etc



yeah i’m to lazy lol was hoping people might know where to get pre prepared onrs


To be honest with you, I would look in the soup section, or canned meal section of the local supermarket. I’ve seen stuff there like stews et cetera. Baby food does things like cottage pie, but the servings are very small. The aforementioned would probably be cheaper than buying from a company that sells puréed food specifically for an adult market. Things like mash and gravy are good, the gravy has all the protein in it.

What about fixing just what you eat for supper, and put a portion in a blender? Strange, but could work. I love pea soup. Easy to make and very nutritious and high in protein. Mashed potatoes with shredded cheese mixed in, until it melts, then thinned with a little butter and milk. YUM. Greek yogurt and mashed banana is great, too. They make baby food for toddlers, so it has more consistency than regular baby food.

Try Wiltshire farm foods online service with a selection of puréed products. Home delivery ,great service I buy them for my mother


@Joste We used these for Mum as well at the beginning. Very good service


Thanks for advice :grinning:


Ive considered that, what is your mums feedback


I think she likes the meals that I buy for her , she has dementia. I have tried the odd bit and it seems OK

I am the mother of a young stroke survivor 31. I look at this sight several times a day ,it has given me a lot of help and hope especially in the early days of his recovery.

I have immense respect for all stroke survivors as I have witnessed first hand how hard you have to work at your recovery. I am grateful to you all for sharing with me.

I love the post accept ,adapt adjust. Once I came to terms and accepted our son will be permanently disabled life for us moved on.

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