Fugl-Meyer Assessment

WHAT? You say...

Perhaps not everyone is as obsessed to recover as i am but Stroke Recovery is one of the best parts of having had a Stroke. Believing that you can, will and ARE recovering is right at the heart of this.

Can you? Of course you can, many have and do. I swapped my wheelchair for being able to run around a field. I wasn't the first and I won't be the last.

Will you? That's down to you. That arm or leg that can't move CAN if you try. Don't try, it won't.

Are you? You will and do see improvements all of the time, sometimes so slow that you don't notice. Time, Nature and Patience are the three great healers. Ways to check are to video yourself doing tasks or use a stopwatch.

The professionals - also known as the "Physioterrorists" use proven assessments to assess where you are and measure recovery. The most popular for your arm and hand is the Fugl-Meyer Upper Extremity (UE) Assessment. I've been trying to find this for eight years and finally have.

It does need to be administered by a medical professional because someone moving your arm for you to gauge if you're experiencing pain, could cause you a lot of pain and possibly injury if they don't know what they are doing and you're badly affected (I certainly was)

Performing this assessment every three or six months will give you real feedback on whether you're improving. My score isn't perfect but the most difficult parts I can do now but once could not.

Give it a go - if you've had a minor or mini-stroke, it'll seem easy.If you're still paralysed, it'll look like climbing Everest. But, one day! 

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Please could you send me further information as it sounds really helpful and informative. I am just over 2 months post stroke and have gone from complete. paralysis on the R side to being able to walk with aids and supervision but with less success with the R arm so I am keen to use any assessment or exercise to get my arm and hand functioning again.