I'm becoming more and more frustrated with this site!  Not the contributors, but the inability to get to the posts I'd like to read about.  On the section "Latest activity", if I try to follow the conversation by clicking on the comments (underlined), I just end up trawling through previous comments/replies, I can't actually locate the underlined quote from the post.  I've tried various permutations and cannot find the post that I'm trying to follow.  It feels as though the site has a mind of its own.  The only consolation is that I know others are finding it awkward as well - although it's a strange consolation, because the site should surely be easy for us all to navigate.  We need to be able to connect to each other without any faffing around, we have enough frustration to contend with already.  I'm aware that there are people looking for other sites with a more sraightforward system, that's so sad, I would miss the kind, informative words of the people I have corresponded with on this site.  

If anyone does find an alternative site, please could you make us aware, so that we can keep in touch please, I'm worried about being set adrift without the support that I have found during the most difficult year of my life.  

Thanks so much xx

I completely agree with every word you've written.  Well said! x

I used to view and post occasionally, but not so much now, its just hard to follow. The previous incarnation was better and the previous to that was even better and easier to understand. However, I now have loads of stars !!!

I guess its called progress. It must be very difficult to develop, I appreciate that, but simplicity is best. 

Im just an occasional visitor now.

Never posted before so here goes! Like the others it's not easy to follow the threads and get the flavour of the post and catch the wise words which you all have. I had a major stroke 2 years 9 months ago and talkstroke ( the previous version of this site) was a lifesaver. I didn't post, just read everything that everyone said. Colin, John Jeff, Deigh were amongst the ones who stuck with me. Plus huntspete, eurocracy, and others who I sometimes see pop up. I can see that the old site was basic and maybe looked old fashioned but it really (for me) did the job. I will keep reading you all as long as I can, but Mystroke please look again at what simplicity for following posts you lost from the talkstroke system. Thanks

hi Patricia 

I also have had much encouragement from the folks you named. especially once I had passed the two year anniversary. I am 2 years  and 5 months post stroke  and it is good to share experiences with others who are longer term survivors. I don't know if there's i name for us? I can't think of one. my recent joy has been a bit of respite from the stroke fatigue which affects me periodically and can last for days  I have had a period recently where it has been mild or negligible and I had a bit of energy for things  not much but it was nice

how is it for you after 2yrs 9mth?

glad to have found your post  I was trying to be patient with the new site but it doesn't work for me  I hope they can review the changes and simplify it. I was never  interested in social media but I have found corresponding  on this site, or the previous one invaluable.

best wishes 


Personally I think the fewer bells and whistles the better!  We just need to be able to reach out and "chat" - at the end of the day I'm too tired to faff around !!  Hopefully the "my stroke" tekkie team are managing to find our comments, maybe they could visit us and we can show them what we'd like for our site.  

Don't want to feel like a grumpy-puss because I've benefitted so much from advice from Colin, JJM, Deigh, Antony, June, Kay, Karen, Onwards and Upwards, and lots of others.  I wouldn't be where I am today without that support - I definitely wouldn't have been able to support my husband without their insights and anecdotes.  I really think there is such a wealth of knowledge and experience here, in this community, long may it last smiley

Likewise this site provided myself and dad loads of advice now it's hard to use ???

Likewise, good to have a off load to people who have or are going through similar issues.. xx

Your support and advice to me as given mum and I so much support looking after Dad especially the early days!! When he wanted to walk the dog at 0230 I still think about what Izzie must had been thinking being woken at that time for her walk ?

I too have been confused by the new site. I thought it was because I was such a novice with modern technology! Lilian

Spot on . Or maybe it’s a cunning plot to improve our cognitive skills , but like you & many more it tires me out. When I can navigate it & use it it lifts my Spirits but it seems to be hit or miss. I’m sure it will improve. Know how you feel. Pds

Hi Have very poor signal hereabouts & some days with fuzzy Noggin find trying to remember how to access Forum a struggle . But important to keep trying, no trouble keeping fit but have problem understanding when to stop. Have now been bought an egg timer to help sort myself out. We’ll see how it goes.Hope Christmas period is not to stressful for you.Best wishes Pds