After suffering a subarachnoid hemorrhage in April this year I had a MRI scan nearly 3 weeks ago and had thought that I would be hearing from my consultant quite soon. We are going on holiday next week so called the consultants secretary to let them know in case an appointment was sent out only to find that the consultant isn't planning on seeing me until November! I don't know why this upset me so much but there were tears, I think it's just the lack of communication and no one to speak to that deals with people who have gone through this, my OT visited once and hasn't been back, I understand that I can get myself washed, dressed make a cup of tea etc but would be really helpful to be able to talk to someone who deals with people who have gone through this. I've been signed off work since this happened but one of my bosses emailed me to ask when I thought I might be back - I've no idea, I'm not allowed to drive, I feel that I have no control of my own life. Ok rant over just needed to get it off my chest.

I feel your pain, it took the 4 months to actually tell me I'd had a stroke, NHS f@@k up. I cant drive either, so bought an electric scooter to get to work. Illegal but at least I can still work x

I feel your pain mate took drs a month to diagnose my stroke after multiple trips to A&E 

Keep your chin up! ??

I feel the pain and frustration in feeling that we dont get enough support fromGPs or anything else. I know its the covid maybe that we feel that but I seem to have so much frustration in not being informed enough. Waited 7 weeks for hospital results and Gp still not phoned to explain to me and then on collecrting prescription found potassium drug not on list. Not bothered to ring me to say why I have been taken off or is it an error on their part. Had to do econsult in the end and originally sent text to say gp would ring tuesday now one today to say would ring wed very unsatisfactory and feel I want to change GP. Overall service not good and you are made to feel you are being over anxious! Hopefully things will improve for all of us after the Covid has eased off. Reorita

The same boat. No one has contacted me but me having to call everyone and chase things up. Not good when your speech is poor and memory is even worse.