Frozen shoulder

Am recovering from a frozen shoulder and it has made my right hand  weak and now my fingers. Are swollen which isn't helping my rehab , has anyone had similar?

I had something I thought was a frozen shoulder, but it is,in fact, weak shoulder muscles. Now getting physio for this. My left arm and hand is still shaky and weak but improving. Check with you doctor.

Thanks.  Having physio but it's one step forward and two back at the moment

I had what I thought was a frozen shoulder, but like John, it turned out to be weak muscles (on the affected side). It was causing a fair bit of pain until I saw a physio. He gave me some exercises which have really helped and the pain has almost gone. I think I will need to continue with the exercises, as well as my gym sessions, as that side is still weak and I presume could become a problem again.