From Spine to Brain

Hello wonderful people,

I can feel a change or shift when it comes to my leg. I have almost finished the first bottle of ASEA molecule signalling supplement; verdict still open. I got some Sun out in the garden yesterday. My leg has been going hard at night, (whether Yin or Yang) then with some magic wand (iTeracare wand) and massage it softens in the morning… only this morning it woke me up at 4am, rock hard. I moved it about trying to shake off the tension which I eventually did, almost. The senior physio declared last Thu I do not have drop foot (maybe it’s incorrect muscle synergy?) ; my stroke follows a different pattern from the usual in that I can do every movement in the book, but my sensation / touch is negligible, in its infancy if you like. Most people are the opposite. What that means is that if I put my feet together and close my eyes I fall over straight away; no (or limited) feedback from my somatosensory cortex.

What is happening now, I believe, is a shift from local control (primitive spinal control of muscles) to full brain control (in practice, the brain is added to the muscle/spinal reflex cycle). The process might not be complete but it’s underway: Think controlling Clonus, plus my physio, Colin, said he no longer detected a spastic hitch in my foot.) After all, our brain developed so we can stand and operate upright. Obviously, I am challenged with balance etc. due to my limited sensory feedback. However, when upright, I can tell my brain is fully engaged and challenged. Is there some contracture in my leg / foot ? Possibly, since my foot is still unsettled, but the main thing is the definite pattern and change to my spasms; still there, but the patterns are quite different.

I have been told that I have excellent awareness of my condition,
I’m following the course at; it’s free to join

with Arjan Kuipers (IMHO an excellent functional neurologis)

the module on CORE strength is inspiring
Good luck to all,
ciao, Roland


Hi Roland that is all sounding really positive & pleased to hear you are moving in the right direction. You are certainly working very hard at it so if there is any justice you should make masses of progress. Good luck.



Hi Roland, that all sounds very interesting and you are definitely leaving no stone unturned.

Keep up the good work and I hope you see some excellent improvements.

Regards Sue


Well I’ve decided to call this my transitional period. Things are very difficult, especially with my foot, so this is what I need to keep going ! Thanks for encouragement !!