Hi my husband had a stroke a year ago next week and I am finding life a bit lonely. He is not very talkative. Is anyone in the Pembrokeshire area in the same sutuation? He’s only been home since November and was in hospital receiving terrible treatment before that then a care home for two months.

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Hi @DonnaW welcome to our community. Sorry to hear of your husbands stroke and substandard care he received. I’m pretty new here but it’s a wonderful understanding place. There are various zoom meetings held here and our resident guru @SimonInEdinburgh will be able to give more information and insight to the website.


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Hi @DonnaW

You’ll find all sorts of support here. If you’re feeling alone, I’ll be running an online carers cafe this Friday at 3pm, here’s the link
Carers Cafe

So make a brew, grab a biccie, pull up a chair and come say hi

Hope to see you Friday



Seems the wife got there first :slight_smile:

@DonnaW also see

Maybe also see 40 things to know: what would you underline add or delete



Hi @DonnaW welcome to the group. In addition to the zooms mentioned above the Stroke Association have a here for you service where they can arrange calls for 8 weeks. See link.

Also you can have a look at the finding support link below.

Your GP surgery may also offer carer support. It’s definitely worth an ask.

Wishing you both all the best.



Thank you Steve : ) for the information.

Thank you Lea, I am not sure I can do Friday we have someone here.
We will see :grinning:


Thank you Ann, but they don’t seem very helpful!

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Hi Donna, so sorry to hear of your husband’s stroke. Welcome to this forum. We are a merry band of stroke survivors and their families and carers.

Is there a stroke survivors support group near to you ?

The Stroke Association have groups around the country, if there’s not one near to you, try the Different Strokes website who also have lots of support groups. My husband and I found our local group to be very helpful and informative and it was nice to talk to people who truly understand what you are going through.

Good luck and I hope you find some help and support soon.

Regards Sue


Hi @DonnaW welcome to the forum :smile: You need never feel alone and lonely, there is always someone out there who needs the company of you, even if its only for an hour. You just need to know where to find it :wink:

Age Uk Pembrokeshire Combating loneliness | Age Cymru may be another option to check out. I don’t know how you are with the likes of facebook, but they tend to be more up to date than their websites. All districts are different depending on size of area covered and demand. Mine has all sorts such as craft sessions, ballroom dancing, fitness, walking groups, afternoon teas, etc. They are good for getting you out and a little much needed respite. Might help if you can drive and have a car.

Another place to check out local carers support groups in your gp surgery’s notice board. You may even find them online, even on the likes of facebook. Your local churches or church halls, anyone can go in them when they are open to enquire or checkout their notice boards to see what might be available in your local area. Libraries are another one to check out, even you local supermarkets have noticeboards up that people sometimes advertise social groups on.

Everyone above has given you some great resources to get started on and @BakersBunny is such a lovely lady, so warm and friendly, well worth you joining her online cafe.


Hi Sue no there isn’t. I live in a remote area. I couldnt leave my husband to attend one even if there was.
Thank you regards Donna.


Hi thank you. I will try to join tomorrow afternoon. There aren’t any meetings close to me. I do drive but it’s leaving my husband that is the problem.


Hello DonnaW,

I reckon your husband has had a lot of negativity thrown at him, if his care was not good.
If you can get carers & physios via your social workers, at your local council, or privately this will boost his morale. Sadly strokies suffer emotional negative state as a symptom. I cried at stupid things for the first 2 weeks.
If he’s digitally able, he could join various groups according to his taste. Whats
App is great for me and I joined various societies and research studies, some have zoom conferences.
My wife suffered despair too and actually got some counselling as it got on top of her too.
Can he walk ok? Do you go for drives, coffee and cake afternoons? Is he ok with visitors? Your local church may have activities too. What’s your local vicar / rector like? If he’s ok with visitors that’s a bit of pressure off you.