Friendship post stroke

Hi had my stroke nearly 18months ago and looking for friends to chat with about all things stroke related 

Hi terry keep talking to everyone on this site it will help you we are all friends finding our new selves ...pippy ..

Hi pippy my friend you can chat with me anytime. Dollymouse

Hi all, I had a stroke alomost 8 years ago. I haven't really had a friendly chat with a survivor. I'm feeling more accepting of what has happened and what I go through daily. I have had amazing support for friends and family but I think having friends with unique but similar experiences could be benefitial for myself and them. Has anyone else felt like that too and has it made a difference for you?


My friends and family are great but struggle to understand what’s going on inside my brain. I haven’t had any face to face meetings with SS but Iv net some great people on this site which as helped loads just talking about general day to things 

Thank you for your message. That is very reassuring.

No problem, you will find lots of great people on here. As helped me loads, not just talking about the stroke but general chit chat too

This site is very good ? as people who use it knows what it's like to have a stroke. Friendship is important and this site can help in this all the best des x

My family and friends have been amazing but I feel like I am so different from my friends now.  I am no longer my old self and I struggle with that and as much as people try to understand, they can't.  I have had some of my friends for years but I feel like we no longer have things in common anymore.  I think having friends who have been through a similar experience can understand better.

Hi Terry how are you?I had my stroke 17months ago,I've just recently returned to work phased return 2shifts a week for 3hours,so 6 hours total but it's enough and I enjoy being back out in the world.still using a stick,still have problems but getting better slowly.dont be afraid to ask questions/seek help or just chat this site is good for that.hope you are managing ok.Best wishes Bernadette smiley