Four years on

Four years ago, I had my stroke on this date. My life changed overnight and my new life began. I have written a lot about my experiences and my battle to recover. I have done reasonably well. I walk with a stick, but I can walk. After a lot of work, my weak arm and hand are more stable. I now cook most of our meals. I also feel 'more myself' and that has taken a good three years.

As for my emotions, that area has been a roller coaster. Unlike many, I have shed few tears. I have been angry,resigned, frustrated, resilient, positive, negative. You name it I've probably felt it. Above all, I have had to accept old age and,ultimately, death. And now......lCoronavirus.

But, hey, let's battle on. I have a home, a lovely garden, a partner and wonderful friends. My Quakerism is also a great help to me. I never ask 'why me' and I refuse to be bitter. At least I have been given more time and,bas Colin always reminds us, we survive for a reason.

Bittersweet times JJM. A stroke 'anniversary' is a strange event, stirring up all manner of emotions. Well, we're all glad you have such a fighting spirit, and strength of character - that is certainly something to celebrate.  

Coronavirus?  Seriously - have you been infected/affected?  I hope not.  My husband is now in splendid isolation - having broken curfew at the weekend to help me purchase a new car, he's been at home ever since, and can only look at the car in the drive!!

Take good care, raise a glass or two, and maybe participate in the clapping session this evening!

Stay strong, much love Nic xx



Thank you NicABella. We do not think we have been affected by the virus, but who knows. I am in isolation, butChris, my partner, can get out. Fortunately, we have a click and collect to be picked up next week so I have made a fairly big order.

We are definitely having a glass or two. Mornings are a bit tedious, but we are obeying orders.

Your resilience and courage has definitely been an inspiration for me on my recovery journey as I'm sure it has others too. I'm 3 yrs in August and just when I feel that I am 99% normal, I have been knocked back by a double chest infection which has just nicely gone after 3 weeks and 3 lots of antibiotics and now, bang, it's hayfever season for me. I am only allergic to tree pollen and I missed out last year as it was so cold, the trees didn't blossom till much later but I'm surrounded by cherry trees, apple blossom, and the like. Beautiful as they are to look at, my nose is streaming like a tap. Keep up your good work and try to keep busy during you isolation. x

Happy birthday John. And thank you for four years of support, inspiration and company.

Best wishes