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Hi all
I think I am amongst the minority that use an app to access my stroke guide rather than web browser on a laptop, and it’s the other app uses I think Im mainly addressing here .

First I should say I am on Android.
Since the server software upgrade it’s now impossible to use the messaging feature because the layout of the page has forgotten how to format a portrait layout screen for me .

Am I alone in that or is it universal? Seems strange to me, I would expect the server to serve pages marked as adaptive if the client is a mobile. Before the upgrade it was impossible to look at people’s mini profiles because they started on the screen but were laid out so most of the information was off screen and you couldn’t scroll sideways. Now trying to see people’s cameo profiles works better, not perfectly - but the messaging in- app has a menu bar down the left hand side & formats the page as much wider than the phone then superimposes messaging box on the page which can be scrolled but apparently can’t be resized to phone size thus making reading each individual line of text require a left-right scroll which is damned difficult and just impossible for writing. I also suspect there’s more quirks because when attempting to read a message from Alex this morning I could see I’d received one but I couldn’t see it on the phone at all and had to go to the computer,.

Are these some known issue in the release notes,? Has some setting not carried over or been now set? Is it localised to me or universal
Any help would be appreciated
@AshleyTH @CommunityAdmin

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@SimonInEdinburgh i access the forum via an app on my android phone (Samsung). I don’t have the issues you describe. I use the chat feature and i can read all the message without scrolling across. I do have issues on my ipad but thats whether I use the discourse app or web browser. The app on my phone is a my stroke guide app not the discourse one. Might be the same app displayed differently.

I prefer the mobile app & don’t have a desk top / laptop to use.

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Not sure what the next diagnosis step is then since it seems it’s localised

@SimonInEdinburgh I diagnose PICNIC :joy:

Only joking, I only use PC to access because if I do finally manage to grasp the phone in my left hand with the correct amount of force (no touch sensation and therefore no force feedback) in order to enter text then for some strange reason I’ll occassionally just randomly throw the phone across the room

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Phone works pretty well for me (android) except when editing my posts which can get a bit fiddly.
When you guys talk about an app, what do you mean as I don’t see a stroke association or my stroke guide app on the play store. I think I’m just using a saved favourite in Firefox.

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Hi @llareggub
There’s indisputably a problem in chair :slight_smile:

However the causes of the changed behaviour of my app based on my 40 years of IT experience is suggesting that I can rule out having made local modifications - I haven’t - giving rise to my suspicion that something changed with the server software upgrade .
What I can’t determine is whether I had a configuration option set that didn’t manifest the problem with the old pages delivered by the server and the server now delivers pages but my configuration options aren’t optimised towards

I guess since the app is merely a window into the server I could delete it and reinstall, but I suspect that deletion won’t delete caches and configs but it would at least be a first step .

My challenge is that normal pages render correctly so this post is no problem but when I use the messaging facilities they render a page and then place a box on the top of it and that box doesn’t adapt to the screen size.
it behaves as if it was on a PC I think that has to be an attribute in the CSS and I’m guessing it’s not there or is disabled in my config .
People keep saying it works fine for them but I am suspicious that they’re not as analytically precise as me. for example they may be happily using a browser on the PC not the app under Android and therefore the it works for me isn’t transferable.

I can only wonder at the additional challenges that no pro preoccupation or whatever it’s called ads to the post stroke challenges. I guess throwing the phone across the room isn’t terribly useful but at least you can throw! I can’t :frowning: cuz I can’t release after I’ve gripped something yet. The yet is the key here; next week, next month, next year? I will be able to :slight_smile:

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way hey I found it I found it I found it

Problems (partly) solved

In the very top level menu at the very bottom of all the options is a toggle between mobile and desktop mode

It’s just possible that that’s a new option, it’s just possible that I toggled it without knowing or it’s just possible it’s always been on desktop mode and that wasn’t manifesting a behaviour getting in my way with the last version of the software anyway
itemphasised text

Now I’ve selected mobile view I don’t get the preview when I edit a post what the post is going to look like I get an edit window and no preview pane does at least I know where the fix to restore the ability to read messages lies


I nearly suggested that to you but assumed you’d already tried that :thinking:


Nope hadn’t even seen it

But I noticed that my composition pane and preview pane are only available in desktop mode so I’ve always been in desktop mode in the past and I could use messaging but now I can only use messaging if I’m in mobile view and then I don’t get a preview pane. So I’ve just composed this message to you in desktop mode even though I’m on a mobile using gboard to dictate


@Ingo66 this is what my app looks like. I’m trying to recall but think i downloaded when i registered on my stroke guide.

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Thought I posted this link sorry brain fart obviously

I was sure I posted %-)

Thank you @SimonInEdinburgh & @Mrs5K now I have the discourse app so will see how that works compared to a saved page in my Firefox browser app. It looks exactly the same.

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