FORUM GAMES - Place Names


Nerja, Spain


I’m am flabbergasted that there are so many beautiful places and cities all over the world! :grinning: Oslofjord, Norway

I know so many beautiful places.

Parga, Greece


Another beautiful place. I have some friends on holiday there right now. I’m not jealous at all :rofl:

Oh my goodness! It’s lovely. I love how all the colors reflect in the water. Quetzaltenango, Quatamala

This may not totally reflect the city, but I just really like the photo.

Its a great photo. Like how it frames the landscape.

Rabat, Morocco


San Clemente, California

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Talybont on Usk, Wales


Utrecht, NetherlandsI’d like to be sitting on one of those benches. :slightly_smiling_face:

Me too.

Veracruz, Mexico

The beach looks a little busy to me.


Not my cup of tea, either. Wulingyuan, China

Love the colours.

Xochimilco Mexico City


Looks very vibrant and colourful

Yerevan, Armenia (known as The Pink City)

Zaire now known as Democratic Republic of Congo


Arcadia, California Arboretum- sorry for the double pictures. There were so many beautiful ones to choose from .


They are beautiful. Would be lovely to ait amongst those flowers and while away some hours.

Beaulieu Park, Chelmsford


I love the lavender flowers in front. I think they might be Sage.
Cancun, Mexico-one of the best vacations we ever took! Cancun beaches are beautiful!

Cancun certainly looks beautifully. Maybe I’ll get to holiday there onecday.

Dominican Republic


El Nido, Philippines

Oh wow El Nido is stunning.

Frankfurt, Germany