Forum community webinar

Hi everyone,
We’ll be holding a webinar at 10am on Friday, 17th November to talk about the ongoing developments to the forum, the people behind it and how we are working towards ensuring it stays a friendly, supportive and welcoming community to people affected by stroke, their friends and family.
Joining details will be sent close to the date to forum members so keep an eye on your email.
If you have some specific questions or topics you would like to cover please add them in the comments below.
To make it easier for us to plan this, please keep your comments and questions, short and specific so they can easily be identified and covered.
If they appear off-topic we’ll move them to a separate thread. Hope to see as many of you as possible there.
Thank you!


I think the Mystrokeguide Forum is an excellent place to meet and learn about others affected by stroke.

I believe it is worth offering content not necessarily directly relevant to stroke.
For example, offer opportunities to interact with others through games, activities, discussions, face to face sessions (Zoom for example).
In other words, to provide the sort of content that can be a functioning part of any Forum.

I feel this sort of thing can be beneficial, therapeutic and will encourage and maintain participation.

A facility to allow forum members as volunteers to set up and manage their material could also be offered though I believe it should remain a part of the Forum rather than be something distinct from it.

It should also be in line with Stroke Association guidelines and policies.

I offer this suggestion hoping that it will be useful.

Keep on keepin’ on
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I agree. This would enable forum members to make improvements by shaping the content to suit the needs of themselves and other members.


Will there be an opportunity to watch the webinar after the event as I will be at work so won’t be able to attend on 17th.?


That’s a grand idea @Mrs5K


We will make a recording available


Brilliant thank you.

We seem to have very few active moderators and only one from the members of the forum. I think it would be beneficial if we could nominate moderators from members. This would take pressure off admin, give us some say on how the community should and could be run. I believe this would benefit the community in the long term.