Forgetting you've had a stroke

Does anyone else forget that they’ve had a stroke. It has happened to me a few times.

During the early stages of my recovery it happened a couple of times, especially when I was sitting down watching TV. When I got up and started walking, I would limp and be reminded of the stroke.

Last month I woke up to get some water. I was still sleepy and wondered why I was limping to the kitchen.

This afternoon I went to visit my partner’s parents, and while we were there I was playing with my hands. I saw that my affected hand was stiffer than the other one, and for a second I was wondering what was wrong with it.

Is this common among SS? I’m coming up to 2 years since the stroke.

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@joy.alliy I haven’t really forgotten I’ve had a stroke but I do know what you mean as when I’m sat on sofa I can’t tell my leg doesn’t work properly until I get up & start limping too :grin:

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I’m six years post stroke. The brain is both fascinating and odd. Sometimes I go out of the house without taking my stick, but I wouldn’t dare walk outdoors without it. I can still use my stroke hand to cut the finger nails of the other hand because my brain knows how to do it after many years practice. But my stroke hand is actually quite insensitive and only workable up to a point. I have spasticity round my left shoulder all the time. In my dreams, of course, I have no stroke and run here there and everywhere.


Yup, know what you mean. I’m about to do something like grab a pen and write a note, then nope that hand doesn’t work any more.
Also make plans then realise I’m going to have to rethink this, getting back into my new ‘real world’.
In the half way world between sleep and wake, I function as if there had been no stroke.

I’m new in this strange and alien world, six months in, I hardly know where I am.

Just gotta keep on keepin’ on.

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At times, more so if watching a telly program, reading a book, playing a video game or any activity where suddenly I’m totally focused on that thing. For the first year after hospital, when I came home I clocked twenty-six video games. They gave me two or three hours “stroke free” feelings each night but were also used to keep my mind elastic. But I don’t think I have ever, literally, forgotten, as in questioned my symptoms. I guess because mine are mostly visual-spatial, I can never really ignore it completely.


Hi everyone, I know exactly what you mean. I’m 5 years post and sometimes when I wake up in the morning and feel “normal” for a few seconds and then I realise that I can’t jump out of bed my heart breaks all over again :broken_heart: and it hits me that I’m disabled and my life will never be the same.

Regards Sue


I’m with you Sue :pensive:I never forget :pensive:I’m like you it hits me again every morning . I’m 11 months down the road wish I cud forget 🥲